Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 Part 14

Flight 462. AMC.
Flight 462. AMC. /

Flight 462 is still in the air with infected aboard, confused and scared passengers and dangers other than the infected lurking. Check out the next installment before it airs Sunday.

Flight 462  is the web series that may cross paths somehow with Fear the Walking Dead very soon as season 2 sets sail on Abigail on April 10th and Flight 462 lands or crashes in Los Angeles.

If you need to catch up, we started with a group of passengers on a delayed flight headed to LAX with an already infected passenger, a woman who somehow seems infected-savvy and others who are not.

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When the seemingly flu-stricken passenger goes into the bathroom and doesn’t come out, we know what’s up, but his wife is concerned and of course, doesn’t hear our screams telling her not to open the door.

Marcus has stopped puking and is now attacking. He’s a walker. He bites his wife. The savvy woman, Charlie tried to warn them. The unsavvy US Air Marshal tries to shoot him, again not hearing our help letting him know it has to be the brain before he runs out of bullets.

Last week, the young boy Jake, who was flying stand-by to meet his mom and dad, remembered the knitting passenger and passed a nice sharp knitting needle to Charlie, who stabbed Marcus in the head so we could all take a breath. Until we heard the cracking window glass from one of the Marshal’s stray bullets.

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This week Marcus’ wife, now bitten is dying. We forget that the people on the plane are still so new to this that they don’t realize she’s going to turn. Charlie takes this opportunity to teach them and remind us by swinging that knitting needle and stopping it before it can happen.

Dramatic pauses and dramatic lines from Charlie and Anthony Air Marshall help us enjoy the Clint Eastwood moment. “You just killed her,” we can almost say it with Charlie, “I just saved her.” More window cracking.

Just two more segments after this before we see if there is any type of conclusion or cliff hanger and then see how and when it criss-crosses with Abigail and season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead. 

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I do hope they show the little series in its entirety before April for fans who have missed it or were not pulled in through the tiny segments. It’s really a nice little webisode. I don’t know that the tiny segments worked the way they were intended, but it was a great idea.