Flight 462: Exclusive interview with Kevin Sizemore

Flight 462. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC.
Flight 462. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC. /
Kevin Sizemore. Flight 462. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC.
Kevin Sizemore. Flight 462. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC. /

Respected actor Kevin Sizemore plays US Air Marshal Anthony aboard flight 462, the web series. Kevin kindly answered some questions for Undead Walking.

Flight 462 is the web series following passengers on a plane at the beginning of the outbreak. There are 16 one-minute segments, each one aired during a commercial break during The Walking Dead or found at AMC online.

One or more characters from the flight will join the cast of Fear the Walking Dead as the flight somehow crosses stories in season 2. Kevin’s character, Anthony, is still a possibility; however, his Air Marshal is in a precarious situation presently in episode 12 of the series.

Kevin can’t reveal the answer to who will join Fear, but he answered some other questions for Undead Walking about his acting career and his experiences shooting Flight 462.

UW: I watched an old YouTube interview where you described your route from West Virginia to California by way of Nashville and showers in motel 6 rooms and sleeping in your car–nice method prep for the apocalypse! 
KS: When you’re starting out as a young actor and trying to learn the ropes, you become creative very fast.

I know you can’t tell us if you will join the Fear the Walking Dead cast in season 2, but did they tell the flight 462 cast? 
No, they didn’t. The whole shoot was a mystery really. The entire cast all got along so well and Flight 462 was going to be something special.

Here’s the holiday video we did that Undead Walking published:

Flight 462 cast. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC.
Flight 462 cast. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC. /

L to R: Brett Rickaby (Marcus) – Kathleen Gati (Deirdre) – Kevin Sizemore (Anthony) – Sheila Shaw (Connie) – Michelle Ang (Charlie) – Brendan Meyer (Jake) – Lisa Waltz (Marcus’ Wife)

Were there any fun stories or unusual challenges filming the story that takes place in the close quarters of the rear section of a plane? 
Being on a plane is tight, but being on a plane and having to do all we did (you’ll see in upcoming episodes) was crazy. I didn’t know that many people could fit in the aisle of a plane at the same time. What stuck out to me was when the cast took a group shot and we decided to send a thank you video over to Wendy O’Brien. Wendy was the casting director who assembled the team. That led into the cast getting together last month for dinner and getting to know one another outside of the set; great group of people.

The obvious question; are you a fan of The Walking Dead? Have you watched Fear the Walking Dead
I seem to connect with Andrew Lincoln the most on The Walking Dead and I always seem to root for Steven Yeun. On Fear the Walking Dead I enjoy Cliff Curtis. Anything he does I’ll watch…very talented guy.

Who are some of your favorite actors? Are there actors that influenced your performance as Anthony? 
If I had to only choose one, I would have to say SAM ELLIOTT. I didn’t really use anyone for my research on Anthony.

Your son Gunnar is an actor also. Does he talk about acting with you? 
We talk about it when he’s up for a role. He does so much voice over for cartoons and has been very fortunate to work as an actor since he was 5. We just wrapped the movie HOSPICE together last week and this past season he did the series Nashville as Micah. Sometimes I ask HIM questions…..ha

In the interview that I watched you talked about how when you were young you wanted to be a star and now you realize you want to act and also how acting is therapeutic. Can you elaborate on the difference between being a star and acting, what you love about acting, and what makes it therapeutic? 
Back when I was starting out in the 90’s, it was all about bright lights, but when you mature as an actor and realize that acting is a business…it changes your perspective. If you know how to run your business, then you will be successful. Some people have a great team behind them (agent, manager, PR team, etc.) and some people don’t have anyone but themselves. Either way, you have to make it work to the best of your ability to be successful. The therapeutic side comes in when you book the role, because your job as an actor is to audition and take meetings. The reward is to be on set and having fun with the cast and crew and living the character that you deserve to be cast for.

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(IF taking my wife and son with me are not part of this answer)…….

1: I would say a video of my wife and son that I would view when I could.  It’s not going to fight off a zombie, but it will keep my heart alive!

2: MUSIC!  I need a variety……Keith Urban, Van Halen, Third Day.  I like to mix it up.  Crank my jam as I’m dropkicking a zombie in the mouth!

3: Never ending supply of GASOLINE for #4 and #5.

4: 4-wheeler to get around quick.  All I used to ride when I was a kid.

5: Flamethrower!  Why?  WHY NOT!!!!!

You have a production company now.  What projects are you working on now?
Yes, I do. It’s called GKg Productions (Gina-Kevin-Gunnar). I’ve partnered up with some great companies to co-produce & be able to act in the following. Our film TREW CALLING just released the trailer this week:

We had a great cast with Brooke Elliott, Lee Meriwether, Eddie Mekka, Tracey B. Wilson and the film was directed by Greg Robbins. HOSPICE is the film we just wrapped this month & I was able to work alongside Jai Rodriguez, Leslie Easterbrook, Jose Rosete & my son Gunnar Sizemore. Jared Bentley was our director and he put together an action-adventure film with a slice of comedy. This week, I leave for Virginia to start the Christmas movie BELIEVE with Shawnee Smith, Danielle Nicolette, David DeLuise and Ryan O’Quinn. This film is directed by Billy Dickson and it’s exciting for me, because it’s only an hour from my hometown in Princeton, WV.

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How can fans keep up with you on social media and upcoming projects?
On social media…..Twitter   Instagram  Facebook
For upcoming & current projects visit www.imdb.me/kevinsizemore

Thank you so much for your time!
Susan Graham, Undead Walking

P.S. The It’s Tricky video with Kevin and Gunnar on Facebook is priceless!