Fear the Walking Dead: New season 1 deleted scene

Liza. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC.
Liza. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC. /

Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 Special Edition DVD and Blu-ray comes out next Tuesday. We have another new deleted scene to check out before then.

Deleted scenes are an interesting look into what the writers were trying to convey about the characters. Sometimes the scenes are cut for time. Other times perhaps in the editing process the scenes are cut for reasons dealing with flow or rhythm or pacing,

Maybe scenes are cut just because they are unnecessary. The other material the editors have to work with adequately conveys what they need to convey. That might be the case with this scene.

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There’s nothing wrong with the scene. It establishes some good dynamics between Travis and Maddie and between Travis and Liza. It even shows a bit of Madison’s frustration being trapped inside her house with Griselda, Daniel, Ofelia and Travis’ ex-wife.

It’s obvious the stress is getting to everyone. You can tell it’s when Madison is frustrated that she’s stuck in the house while Travis is out running and hanging out with the National Guard, whom Madison does not trust.

It shows that Liza and Travis do not hate each other. It even alludes to Madison’s counseling training from school. All of these things are good things for the audience to know, but all of those things are depicted in other scenes and this scene would be redundant.

For whatever the reason it was cut, it didn’t hurt the final result. All of those ideas: Madison’s stubbornness, Travis’ trust in the Guard, Travis still having an appropriate love for Liza, and Madison’s frustration with a house full of people had already been established so, while it is a nice scene, it’s okay that it was saved for the DVD.

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The Special Edition DVD comes out Tuesday with commentary, deleted scenes and featurettes. Anchor Bay provided Undead Walking with an advanced copy. Check out Adam’s complete review of the DVD here. We’re giving away 2 copies on Monday, the day before the street release!