Talking Dead Recap: Episode 614, Twice as Far

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Teacher Greg joined Josh McDermitt and Christian Serratos in the loft as Chris Hardwick’s first non-celebrity super fan guest on Talking Dead.

Dibs is dibs! Eugene wants to be his own man according to Josh. Josh is also very excited about Eugene thinking big picture with the sorghum and the bullets to help Alexandria.

Greg brought up baby imagery. Rosita talked about babysitting Denise. There were strollers and baby things on the pharmacy and in a station wagon. I would add that Denise was growing up and Eugene was growing up.

We had the In Memoriam as always, which included more than just walkers cleverly named this week, unfortunately. Denise was there.

Denise and Eugene had lots of parallels. They wanted to get outside the walls and help. They both needed to learn and stop being protected. Christian mentioned that she was taken aback as Rosita because her character hasn’t been “checked” much and it was good for Denise to put her in her place and tell her she how strong she was.

Josh talked about Coleman Youmans, the walker, who was the one that he tried to kill when Abe stepped in. I’ve met Coleman. He’s a great guy and, as most of the walkers are, quite thin, which Josh was poking fun at. But Josh was still upset that Abraham stepped in to help because he called dibs.

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The fan who asked the question got the arrow through the eye gag toy. She wanted to know what it meant for Rosita that she helped save Abraham. Christian said that they have a bond beyond the romance and that Rosita would protect the family. She did say that Spencer is not someone she’s considering as a long-term romance, but more of a distraction.

The audience all received the series 9 package of action figures from McFarlane Toys available at Shop The Walking Dead (and other places). Greg, the teacher received all the prizes that had been given away throughout the entire season on Talking Dead! Sweet!

A caller asked about pranks on set. Christian said Josh filled his pockets with rocks from around the train tracks to make him even heavier to carry for Norman, Christian and Michael when he was supposed to be shot and dead weight being dragged off the tracks.

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Just 2 more episodes of The Walking Dead and Talking Dead left for season 6. Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman join Talking Dead for the finale. Next week guests are Yvette Nicole Brown, Denise Huth and a surprise guest.