The Walking Dead: Season 6 Marathon leads into 90-minute finale

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Season 6 of The Walking Dead will come to a close on April 3rd with a 90-minute finale. Watch the entire season on AMC to celebrate the occasion.

Season 6 of The Walking Dead kicked off last October with a creative episode with black and white to signify the flashbacks in time to where we left off in season 5 when Pete had killed Reg and Rick had killed Pete and Morgan showed up at the gates of Alexandria.

We watched in color as they made a plan to deal with the herd of walkers they had discovered trapped in the quarry. We heard a horn go off that started a series of events that included casseroles, wolves, turtles, dumpsters, ants, cookies, and balloons.

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When we returned in February we faced loss. But we made a stand and started to rebuild. Time in safety gave way to reflection and reassessment, including loves blooming and dying. We met Jesus and learned about a different type of Saviors.

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As we make our way to the finale, we are anticipating Negan. A man whose introduction has been described by Robert Kirkman as “bone-chilling”. In a script that made Andrew Lincoln sick to his stomach and late for work.

If you want to celebrate the finale with a marathon of the entire season 6, AMC has you covered. If you have missed season 6, you’re in luck! Watch it all at once!

You have 2 options.  If you’re a night owl, start your marathon on Saturday night, April 2nd at 8pm/7C through 4am/3C  for the first half or the season (episodes 1-8). The marathon starts over again at 5am/4C with episode 1 and continues through the finale, which starts at 9pm/8C. If you started the night before, you can continue at 2pm/1C with episode 9 when you wake up.

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After the finale, stay tuned for Talking Dead with Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman. Then the season 1 finale of Fear the Walking Dead. Fear the Walking Dead begins season 2 the following Sunday, April 10th. I imagine there will be a marathon leading into that premiere. As soon as AMC releases the schedule, I will let you know!