Talking Dead guests for The Walking Dead 615: East

Denise Huth - Talking Dead, AMC
Denise Huth - Talking Dead, AMC /

Here are the guests who will join Chris Hardwick on AMC’s Talking Dead after The Walking Dead episode 615 titled “East” airs on March 27, 2016.

Each week, “The Nerdist” Chris Hardwick helps fans absorb the events of new episodes of AMC’s The Walking Dead when new episodes of the popular zombie survival drama air on the post-show Talking Dead. But Hardwick isn’t alone during his show, he gets the help of popular actors and crew members from the show as well as celebrity fans to help break down the action.

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This week, there isn’t an announced actor from the show, but one of the crew members and a popular superfan will be on hand to talk about episode 615 of The Walking Dead, titled “East”, after it airs on AMC on Sunday, March 27, 2016.

Here are the individuals who are expected to be on Talking Dead this week:

Denise Huth

  • As co-executive producer for The Walking Dead, Denise Huth knows a lot of the behind the scenes secrets and most of the details that go into creating each and every episode of AMC’s zombie drama. Her knowledge will be a great asset to Talking Dead, as she will be able to spill the beans on things viewers may never have known.

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Yvette Nicole Brown

  • One of the biggest fans of The Walking Dead on the planet Earth, Brown is kn0wn for her big notebook that she keeps her observations and analysis of each episode in. She always has great insight and a lot of emotion when it comes to discussing the show, making her one of the best Talking Dead guests to have on the couch.

Surprise Guest

  • Oh boy. Whenever there is a surprise guest on Talking Dead, it usually means something major is going to go down. Whether it is a major character death or a big development in the lives of one of the survivors, there will be something very important about the individual who will surprise viewers during the new episode.

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Don’t miss Talking Dead when discusses The Walking Dead episode 615, titled “East” on March 27, 2016 at 10 pm/9c. If the “surprise guest” is there to discuss a crazy moment from the show like in the past, that means fans will definitely need some time to regain their composure and take in what they’ve seen.