The Walking Dead 615: East sneak peek teaser videos

Glenn Michonne and Maggie - The Walking Dead, AMC
Glenn Michonne and Maggie - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Here are two sneak peek promo videos for episode 15 of The Walking Dead season 6 titled “East” to help fans prepare for the AMC drama on March 27, 2016.

Only two episodes remain in The Walking Dead‘s sixth season and things are already getting insane. Characters are starting to drop like flies on the show and things are just getting warmed up for what will likely be one of the most intense season finales for the hit zombie survival drama yet!

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Thankfully, there are two great sneak peek videos to help tease fans of the show who want a little info on what might be in store for them when next week’s episode, season 6 episode 15 titled “East”, airs on Sunday, March 27, 2016. Those videos give some great information as to what is going on with Carol and how the relationship between Michonne and Rick is going.

Here is the teaser that aired following Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead as hosted on the AMC YouTube account:

In this video, Tobin brings the note that Carol Peletier left for him to Rick Grimes. They go out to the vehicles to find that fluids have been drained and tires have been slashed. Daryl hops on his motorcycle and heads out the gate while the others try to figure out what is going on.

Meanwhile, Rosita, Michonne and Glenn are on the road and find Daryl’s motorcycle stashed along the side of the road covered in branches. Then, the rapid fire images start. Daryl walking through a field, Rick talking with Tobin, Sasha in the guard tower, and Carl in the armory are featured before Glenn says “It’s not what we thought it was. It’s bigger.”

The second video  is another great teaser from the AMC YouTube account. Here is that one:

Rick and Michonne are in bed cuddling and she reaches over to the night stand to take a bite of an apple. She then reaches behind her and lets Rick take a bite of the same apple. They go back to cuddling and Rick kisses her shoulder while they talk about how nice it is. Rick starts with some foreplay, kissing Michonne all over. Michonne stops him, saying that Maggie has them on a schedule and they need to follow it.

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Don’t miss The Walking Dead episode 615 titled “East” when it airs at 9 pm/8c on March 27, 2016 televised by AMC. It looks like there will be plenty of romance and mystery to help lead in to the big 90 minute season finale on April 3rd.