The Walking Dead 614: Twice As Far [recap and poll]

Rosita, Denise and DarylThe Waliking Dead. AMC.
Rosita, Denise and DarylThe Waliking Dead. AMC. /

After spending time with Maggie and Carol on the Kill Floor last week, this week’s episode of The Walking Dead slowed the pace down a bit to let us catch our breath.  So how many stars would YOU give last night’s episode, Twice As Far? Keep reading to see a recap of episode 614, take our poll and then leave us your thoughts about the what happened. Your comments could end up in a fan reaction article later this week!

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After Maggie and Carol took out their captors last weekend, it was a relief to see them get out alive. This week, life in Alexandria seems to have settled down. Everyone has their routines: Olivia works in the pantry, doing inventory. Various people go on patrol, their shifts change, and Morgan practices his ninja moves. Carol sits the porch smoking. We get the uneasy feeling of peace – because really, when has peace ever lasted on this show?

Morgan also works in the basement, replacing bricks in the wall as a finishing touch. He has built a jail cell. Rick finds him and looks through the bars of the door, asking “Why?” Morgan tells him that he wants there to be choice next time.

Alexandria's pantry - The Walking Dead, AMC
Alexandria’s pantry – The Walking Dead, AMC /

Everyone continues on in their routines. Olivia is in the pantry. The patrols trade off shifts again, and once again, Morgan is practicing his ninja moves. Tobin kisses Carol as she kits on the porch. She holds the rosary, staring at it.

And then something different: We see Rosita getting dressed, leaving Spencer in bed.

Carol-Peletier-The-Walking-Dead-614-850x560 /

Daryl sits by his motorcycle, and Carol comes over and sits with him, giving him a cigarette. As they sit and smoke, she asks about the people in the burnt forest. He tells her that he should have killed them, and she looks tortured, then gets up.

Daryl asks what the people who took her and Maggie had done to them. Carol tells him that they did nothing, then walks away. How I wish Carol would use her words, but she once again holds it all inside.

Olivia is in the pantry yet again. Patrols continue to patrol. The cell that Morgan has built is finished. Carol is swinging and smoking, on the porch swing, holding the rosary. This isn’t like her, to sit day after day. What happened to the Carol that always had to be doing something?

Spencer asks Rosita to have dinner with him, but she doesn’t seem too interested. He asks what they’re doing, so she finally agrees to have dinner with him, but maybe more just to shut him up. Denise is suddenly there too, saying she didn’t hear them, which she more than likely did.

Denise Cloyd and Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead, AMC
Denise Cloyd and Daryl Dixon – The Walking Dead, AMC /

Daryl appears next and Denise tells them she wants them to go to a particular pharmacy – all three of them. She admits not having spent any time outside the walls, and both Daryl and Rosita are very much against her going along. She talks them into it, however, and the three end up together in the cab of a pick up truck.

Daryl has trouble with the stick shift, and Denise tries hard not to criticize him. She seems to want to drive, but Daryl doesn’t suggest it and she doesn’t ask.

They finally stop when they come to a tree down across the road, and Denise stays in the car while the other two get out and clear the area. Rosita stabs a walker pinned under the tree, then tells Denise it’s clear and she comes out of the car.

The-Walking-Dead-614-1 /

Daryl says the truck can’t get past the tree so they’ll have to walk the rest of the way. He announces that they’re sticking to the road, even though the walk will be twice as far, refusing to follow the train tracks. Denise follows him, but Rosita takes off down the train tracks.

It’s raining as Eugene and Abraham walk down an alley, chatting. Eugene says he’s in the process of changing. Abraham tells him to keep telling himself that. Eugene insists that he’s become a survivor.

Rosita, Daryl and Denise meet up again near the pharmacy and walk the rest of the way together. When they get there, Daryl says he and Rosita will clear the inside, telling Denise to stay back.

Eugene metal head The Walking Dead 614
Eugene metal head The Walking Dead 614 /

Abraham and Eugene go into a dark workroom. Abe asks what they’re doing there, to which Eugene replies that they’re going to manufacture bullets there. He has considered it and thinks he can do it. Eugene wants to kill the walker that approaches, calls “dibs,” and he tries his best but fails. He ends up struggling with it, unable to reach a rusty piece of pipe that he wanted to stab it with, so Abraham finally does it.

Eugene gets angry, but Abe reminds him that his skill set is making those bullets, not killing walkers. Eugene, even more angry now, says that Abraham has outlived his usefulness to him, because he can now take out walkers on his own. Abe is not amused, and leaves him there alone.

Daryl and Rosita go inside the store first, Denise right behind them, gagging at the smell. They shine their flashlights around carefully. Rosita finds the pharmacy and Daryl forces the gate open, making a lot of noise. Daryl and Rosita hop the counter and begin picking up bottles, then stop and listen, saying that they hear just one walker and aren’t concerned.

Suddenly Denise has her knife up and ready, walking forward towards a door. She pushes it open and goes forward slowly, walking into a back room following the sound they had heard. She finds the walker with a cast on its ankle, unable to get up. She sees a sink full of what may have been blood and between that and the indications that there had been a baby in that room, she backs out of the room quickly, suddenly overwhelmed, noisily knocking over glass knickknacks.

Denise sits outside the store waiting for the other two, visibly upset. Daryl and Rosita come out, and Daryl tells her she did good finding the place. Rosita says that they tried to tell her she wasn’t ready.

As they walk back, Daryl asks if “he” (her brother) was older or younger. The way Denise describes her brother reminds Daryl of Merle. On the way back, Daryl agrees to take the tracks without a word from the women.

twd-614-174725 /

Walking along the tracks, Denise sees a car off to the side and goes down the embankment to investigate. A walker jumps toward the window on the inside. Denise wants to get the cooler inside the car, though the other two tell her not to bother and they keep walking.

Denise, however, is determined. She goes to the passenger side door, opens it and tries to grab the cooler from the walker, but ends up falling backward, with the walker on top of her. The other two rush to help, but Denise is able to get control and stabs it in the head.

Inside the cooler, she finds soda. Daryl’s mad at her for taking the risk. She says the others could have died killing the saviors, a big risk, and that they have to take chances. She’s in the middle of a motivational speech when suddenly she’s shot through the eye, by an arrow through the back of her head, shot from Daryl’s crossbow.

A large group of men come out of the woods, with Eugene in their custody, forcing him to the ground. They tell Rosita and Daryl to lower their weapons. Since the two are far outnumbered, they have no choice but to do so.

Daryl recognizes Dwight, the leader of the group, from the burnt forest. He’s holding Daryl’s crossbow. Daryl says he should have killed him. Rosita asks what he wants. Dwight says they’re going to let them into Alexandria, and they’re going to let them take whatever and whoever they want or he’s going to kill Eugene and then kill them.

CeC0mDRUsAE6RWT[1] /

Eugene tells him to start the killing with their companion behind the barrels sitting nearby. No one’s there, of course.

Except that Abraham is suddenly back there, in the trees. Eugene bites Dwight in the crotch and in the confusion that follows, a gunfight starts, and some walkers simultaneously wander out of nowhere. Dwight’s group runs, and Daryl starts to follow them, but Rosita yells for him to stop.

Eugene being carried away - The Walking Dead, AMC
Eugene being carried away – The Walking Dead, AMC /

Daryl has his crossbow back, and straps it onto his back. They run back to Denise, but they can’t help her, she’s gone. They pick up Eugene, who has been shot, and begin dragging him away as fast as they can.

Back in Alexandria, Eugene is now in the infirmary. Rosita and Daryl are with him, and Abraham comes in. The bullet had grazed him Eugene, who wakes up then. Abraham apologizes for questioning his skills.

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Next, we see Abraham standing outside a house. Sasha comes out and asks if he’s ok. He says that he has choices, but she does too. She asks him to come inside.

Carol and Daryl are shoveling dirt into Denise’s grave. Daryl drinks the contents of a small bottle and continues working. Carol has stopped and is just watching him. She tells him that he was right. He doesn’t ask what she means. I wish he had, because I really wanted to know what she was talking about!

Finally, Tobin is reading a letter from Carol, which we hear as a voiceover. She says that the threat of people coming to take what they have won’t ever go away, and that she says she just can’t do it anymore. She can’t love anyone because she can’t kill for them, so she’s going away, like she always should have. She ends with “Don’t come after me, please.”

The patrols and changing of the guard then continue as usual. Somewhere in Alexandria, Morgan looks pensively into the distance.

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Though it wasn’t intense in the same way as The Same Boat last week, Twice As Far had me holding my breath for a whole different reason. And now this is the part where you tell us YOUR thoughts. Please take our poll and leave your comments! As always, some of them will end up in a follow up article later this week!

Only 2 more episodes remain this season. We know that Negan is going to be in one or both of them, that Carol has left Alexandria, alone, and, according to the preview of next week’s episode (as well as just our knowledge of Daryl through the past nearly 6 seasons), Daryl will be going after her, also alone. This is bad. This is very, very bad.