The Walking Dead: What’s up with Dwight?

Dwight (Austin Amelio) and Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) in episode 14 Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Dwight (Austin Amelio) and Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) in episode 14 Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

Dwight returned on The Walking Dead. As a non-comic reader, I have many questions about Dwight and where he’s been since the last time we saw him.

When Daryl met Dwight and his two girls back in the woods with the insulin, Patty the truck, and finally getting his crossbow and bike stolen by Dwight and the one girl left, they rode away and Daryl rescued Sasha and Abe.

We figured we’d see Dwight and the girl again, but instead we met Dwight and a gang of Saviors. Dwight killed Denise right off the bat as an introduction just the way the Saviors claimed they usually introduce themselves. The fact that his intended victim was Daryl is irrelevant for now.

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It sounds like Dwight knows where they live so his little group has been watching them. I’m confused about quite a few things about the Saviors. First of all, was Dwight’s little group in fact Saviors? Or is it some new group that has defected from the Saviors but uses some of the same concepts and procedures?

When we saw Dwight in the woods it seemed like he was running from Negan or one of Negan’s groups. They kept saying their rules were bull and they didn’t owe them anything. Did they get caught defecting and decide to return? Is the mark on Dwight’s face his punishment for defecting?

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What’s with all these little groups and factions of Negan? Do they have specific jobs? Do they know each other? Why was Paula’s group so small? We’re they just a lookout or part of the larger group in the compound? Do all the groups have leaders? It seems like one person is always doing the talking in the groups.

It’s surprising that Dwight would be a group leader if he had defected and been punished. Unless he is to serve as an example to anyone who wants to try the same thing. He would talk them out of their disloyalty. Is Dwight trying to set himself up with his new group in Alexandria to fight Negan?

How far is Negan’s reach? If they get lots of food and supplies for all this protection or for all these threats they lay on groups, are they living large at the end of the world somewhere or are they still in search of their Nirvana?

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We know they have people who are willing to kill, destroy, and threaten. Does Negan have any advisors or smart people in his groups? Any strategists? Does he have a long-range plan?

They are all Negan. Who is Negan? What does he want?

P.S. I don’t want the answers from the comics! I just wonder abut the show. If you comment with comic spoilers, please warn people!