Fear The Walking Dead: The Making of Season 2 [VIDEO]

Abigail - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC
Abigail - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC /

A recent video promoting the creation of Fear The Walking Dead’s second season has been released by AMC, showing more of Strand’s beautiful boat, Abigail.

Fear The Walking Dead will kick off its second season on April 10, 2016, but fans hungry to get a look behind the curtain of the hit AMC zombie survival drama can do so with a sneak peek thanks to the official AMC YouTube account.

Several members of the cast and crew of Fear The Walking Dead took some time out of their busy schedules to discuss what it is like filming the second season, including some information about Strand’s ship Abigail and what it is like to film onboard the vessel.

The video features some great members of the show’s cast and crew, including Gale Anne Hurd, Adam Davidson, Lorenzo Henrie, Cliff Curtis, Kim Dickens and many others, talking about shooting at Baja Studios. That location is famous for filming many great water-themed movies, such as Titanic, Pearl Harbor, Deep Blue Sea, and many others.

Located in Rosarito, Mexico, the set has many great things going for it. It has water, beaches, mountains, and other great locations to provide diversity for filming. The cast has bonded over the experience of filming at the location, with Cliff Curtis even picking up some of the Spanish language during his time there.

Here is the video from AMC’s YouTube account:

Abigail will be a big part of Fear The Walking Dead’s second season. The ship is a studious yacht, very tidy on the inside and well-kept on the outside. This is convenient for filming as well as matches up with what fans have learned about Abigail’s owner, Victor Strand.

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Having a floating studio where dealing with nature and other outside forces is a real risk, but it is also one that could pay off handsomely for AMC’s record-breaking series. It should be unlike anything fans have seen on The Walking Dead and help make Fear The Walking Dead’s second season feel like a unique and interesting take on the zombie genre.