The Walking Dead: Morgan’s road to fan forgiveness

Morgan Jones - The Walking Dead, AMC
Morgan Jones - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Morgan Jones went from beloved fan favorite to fans being tired of him in a mere few episodes. What would it take for fans to love him again?

Morgan was part of the very beginning of The Walking Dead, where it all started. He’s the first one who said the word walker. We learned about these crazy days through him. He got Rick patched up and on his way to Atlanta so we could have this show we love.

We listened to Rick talk to him on the walkie-talkie hoping some day he’d come back into our walker world. When Michonne asked Rick if we cared about the crazy man Carl shot in the town on the gun run from the prison, we all screamed YES at our television screens as Morgan’s face was revealed from under the mask.

We learned that poor Morgan had been having a hard time since we last saw him. Duane had died from his own mother’s walker hunger causing Morgan to finally be able to out her down. Even though Morgan wouldn’t come back with Rick, the traps Morgan used in the town gave our group some ideas in the fight against the Governor.

Much later, after Terminus, when we made it to Alexandria, Morgan found Rick again and fans screamed his name at the TV every time they saw he was on the trail to catching up with his old friend.

Then, a mere 2 episodes later, when we realized that something had happened to Morgan between crazy town and Alexandria that made him an extreme pacifist, fans had no patience for him anymore. And neither did Rick. This beloved man was just cast aside.

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They made little to no effort to try to understand what might have happened to cause this radical shift in thinking. They just tried to tell him he was wrong.

What will it take for fans to see that Morgan is still Morgan? Is killing the only thing that makes you worthwhile in the next world? Father Gabriel was hated by fans even when he took Judith to safety. Once he killed, people were very forgiving, very quickly.

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People use the term stepped up quite often when it comes to walker killing or killing, Are there other ways to step up without being belittled? Will Morgan go to find Carol? Will that redeem him? Will his jail help in any way?

Can he keep some of his principles and still be part of the community? Or does he need to accept the killing? Does he need to actually do some killing?  Rick said not everyone has to kill, but they have to accept it if they want to stay there. Do you think Morgan accepts that others disagree, but he can still contribute in his own way?

Would people forgive him if he stops saying that all life is precious? I’m kidding, but serious. If he lives it, but stops saying it. I have hoped for a long time and still hope that Morgan and Carol can balance each other and help each other.

That people can see that Carol isn’t becoming weak because she is feeling the heaviness of what she’s done. We don’t really want her to be an unfeeling killing machine. There is strength in facing what you’ve done and what has to be done.

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And my most fervent hope is that the people in charge of The Walking Dead have a plan in place to take good care of a character that was the basis of the series. One we waited 5 seasons for with such excitement. He may die; it is The Walking Dead. But please don’t let him die hated or with fans cheering his death.