The Walking Dead’s Emma Bell to make directorial debut

Emma Bell as Amy - The Walking Dead, AMC
Emma Bell as Amy - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Fans of The Walking Dead may know Emma Bell as Amy from AMC’s zombie survival drama, but soon she will make her directorial debut with the film Scratch.

Amy didn’t last very long on AMC’s zombie survival drama The Walking Dead, but the character played by Emma Bell was important in developing the story of her sister Andrea. And even though Amy is gone from the show, she has some other great acting credits to her name, including the reboot of the television show Dallas and many appearances in horror films like Final Destination 5, Frozen, and Hatchet 2.

But now, Emma Bell will try her luck on the other side of the camera. According to a post on the Dread Central website, Bell will make her directorial debut with a psychological horror short titled Scratch.

Scratch is written by Helen Shang, known for her work on NBC’s Hannibal and will star Bel Deliá, star of the indie horror film The Tunnel. Here is a description of what Scratch is about according to the article on Dread Central:

Amy, The Walking Dead -AMC
Amy, The Walking Dead -AMC /

"“When a repressed 1950’s housewife is left alone by her philandering husband, she makes a horrifying discovery about the noises in the house that are coming from the walls.”"

The film will have a retro feel, as it is set approximately 60 years in the past, which could make for an interesting setting. While it’s hard to create any original things in the horror genre, Scratch looks to be an interesting addition, as it, like The Walking Dead, appears to tell a much bigger story than just the fright that surrounds the characters. The vintage tone should add to the atmosphere of the movie, helping create a unique sense of dread that films today seem to lack.

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Bell’s film Scratch is currently in post-production and more information about the short should be available soon. With her history of horror, Bell has the potential to help create some very intriguing pieces of film, as she has likely learned a lot from her past experiences on set with some of the biggest shows and films in horror history.