Talking Dead Recap: Episode 615, East

Denise Huth - Talking Dead, AMC
Denise Huth - Talking Dead, AMC /

Super fan and super spectacular Talking Dead guest Yvette Nicole Brown joined Executive Producer and a surprise guest in the Chris Hardwick loft of Walking Dead dissection tonight.

I don’t know how I’m typing after this episode just ended like that. Sonequa Martin-Green is the surprise guest tonight. “Not like this Lord. Not like this.” is what Yvette wrote in her notebook about Daryl getting shot at the end. Denise Huth said we will find out what happened next week.

Chris Hardwick said what many of us thought: it was not the greatest decision that everyone was leaving when they were trying to prepare for an attack.

In a behind-the-scenes interview, Melissa McBride talked about how she doesn’t want to kill and she is afraid that she won’t be able to do it, and she loves them too much to not be able to do it for them.

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Yvette, as always, had great insights. Carol’s character has been fighting Ed since before the apocalypse. Now she’s becoming the aggressor yet the victim and that is hard to reconcile. She told Daryl a long time ago that he needed to let his emotions out, but she can’t.  Recently she has been letting them out and it’s getting harder for her to pull them back in.

Sonequa mentioned (as I thought, too) the old saying, wherever you go, there you are. Carol’s running from herself, but she’s taking herself with her. She’s going to have to fight for herself even if she doesn’t fight for the people she loves back in Alexandria.

Sonequa and Chris also mentioned that trouble is close if Carol ran into the Saviors so soon after leaving. They need to be ready. Plus, our people have killed quite a few of them, so revenge is likely on their mind.

The fan question asker got a hilltop spear, a bag of Maggie’s hair and an apple. The audience got the Rick Grimes 10″ action figure from McFarlane. We saw a great picture of a cosplayer of the week. Cosplayers and fan artists should submit photos to be featured!

Denise Huth talked about how hard the crew works and how dedicated and proud they are to work on the show. Denise, Sonequa, and Yvette were great guests–fun and lively, and very insightful.

Next: Season 6 Marathon and Super-Sized Finale

Next week fans will Skype. The guests will be Norman Reedus, Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman. The finale will be 90 minutes long with an all day season 6 marathon as a lead-in! The following week as we start suffering walker withdrawals, season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead begins.