The Walking Dead 614: Twice As Far reader rating and response

Denise Cloyd and Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead, AMC
Denise Cloyd and Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Last week’s episode of The Walking Dead wasn’t quite as action packed, or bloody, as some of the previous ones. Some fans loved the change of pace, while others went so far as to call it filler. Was there a general consensus? Read on to find out!

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There are some episodes of The Walking Dead, like the season 6 mid-season premiere, that leave you breathless for the entire 60 minutes, only remembering to inhale when commercials come on. There are others, like The Same Boat, when you wonder how, given everything these characters go through, they haven’t long since descended into madness. (Okay, I take it back, that’s pretty much every episode.)

Then there are the episodes, like Twice As Far, that are building up to something. When an episode of The Walking Dead seems to be moving along smoothly, or when there seems to be no immediate threat to any of the characters, I always get suspicious. Because let’s face it, life is just never that good to these people without immediately slapping them in the face – hard. Twice As Far was one of those episodes.

Eugene being carried away - The Walking Dead, AMC
Eugene being carried away – The Walking Dead, AMC /

Rumblings on social media over the past week reflected the fact that not everyone loved this episode, and its score in our poll demonstrated this as well. 73% of voters in our poll gave Twice As Far 4 stars.

Yes, 73% is still a majority of voters. However, to put things in perspective, a 73% 4 star rating is the second lowest score of the six episodes in 6B that have aired so far, with only Knots Untie, the episode in which we saw Hilltop for the first time, having been lower. (To refresh your memory about Knots Untie, you can click here to read my recap.)

21% of you gave Twice As Far 3 stars, which is up from 15% the previous week. 4% gave the episode only 2 stars, up from 1% in The Same Boat, and like the previous week, 2% gave last Sunday’s episode 1 star.

Average Reader Rating: 3.64 stars out of 4

Here’s what a few fans had to say about episode 614, aka “the one where Denise got shot in the eye.”

Eric Ash – Garbage episode.

Iris Lambert – Holy crap! 50 [stars]!

Melissa M Ward-Herrera – That was great! I didn’t know how emotionally attached I was to her until…

pinklinkll – Any episode with Daryl and Rosita is pure mashed potatoes, the good kind.

Donna Anderson Baird – I don’t think Carol actually left, I think she got outside of the gates and some of Negan’s people saw her and took her, which explains the blood and the cross that was on the ground [in the promo for 615]. Also, there was a walker that was stuck on that post for a while and now its gone. I’m not sure how that has come about.

Rosita, Denise and DarylThe Waliking Dead. AMC.
Rosita, Denise and DarylThe Waliking Dead. AMC. /

Deborah Macgillivray – Very shoddy, lacking logic episode. I love TWD, but would appreciate more intelligent plotting.

Vincent Fragapane – I’m sad Denise died. The Carol thing I’m on the fence with. I dunno if her leaving Alexandria is cool and mysterious or if it just means she’s gonna never be seen again and/or die and that Alexandria will be destroyed without the Queen of the Apocalypse.

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I don’t think it’s a secret that The Walking Dead is gearing up for something big. I’m trying hard not to get spoiled, but there are lots of spoilers out there for those who want to find them. At this point all I can hope for is that all of our favorite characters will make it through episode 615, which is simply called “East.” It won’t be long before we find out. *gulp*