Nick sees Flight 462 in the sky: Watch all 16 parts

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Flight 462 is ready to make its crash landing. It will land right in the middle of Fear the Walking Dead’s current plot. We see where it all connects now.

When we heard about the concept of Flight 462 during the first season of Fear the Walking Dead, many fans guessed that a certain airplane was likely flight 462. In part 16 of the little miniseries, we find out they were right!

That plane that Nick saw in the episode called “The Dog”, was indeed flight 462. To remind you where that fits in during the first season, it was before the National Guard had arrived. The family had decided to leave. The Salazars were going to stay in Madison’s house.

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The night before Daniel had killed the neighbor who had been turned and been eating a dog in the living room. When he was shot in the face, he just turned around and kept attacking Travis. Travis was trying to help him.

Remember these people are brand new to this outbreak. They think there’s a flu going around. They are in denial and shock. Remember Hershel put his family in the barn hoping for a cure.

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Earlier, before Travis came back with Liza, Chris and the Salazars, Nick, Alicia and Madison had been playing Monopoly waiting for them. Madison had seen the principal as an infected so she had that experience in her mind.

Nick, Alicia and Madison had discovered their neighbor, Susan as an infected. Things were starting to get scary. Nick and Madison had seen his drug dealer, Cal, turn and keep coming back. Alicia’s boyfriend, Matt, had a fever and Madison saw a bite.

The city was in a panic. Power was out. Griselda was hurt. The neighbor was buried in the backyard. Madison had tried to put down Susan, but Travis stopped her.

On the way out of the driveway, Madison realized Susan’s husband Patrick was coming home and would be greeted by an infected Susan. She stopped the car. Patrick yelled to Susan that his flight was cancelled and the airport was shut down.

As he hugged his wife, the National Guard shot her and dragged Patrick away.

In the aftermath of the National Guard infiltration of the community, we see Nick attempting to break into a home through a window. A little girl catches him and he plays it off with a friendly wave. Nick sees and hears a plane very close overhead. Flight 462. Flying wildly and preparing to land into season 2.

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Watch the events that unfolded on Flight 462 before Nick sees it. Meet Charlie, Jake, Marcus, Air Marshal Anthony, the flight attendant, poor Marcus’wife, the knitter, and see what happens when there’s an infected aboard a plane.

It’s a nice little series. It will be great to see how they bring it into Fear the Walking Dead. There are at least 3 characters I would like to see make it onto Strand’s yacht, Abigail, but we shall see.