Fear the Walking Dead season 2 trailer: Trouble on Abigail

cast photo - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC
cast photo - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC /

Fear the Walking Dead sets sail one week after Negan makes his first appearance on The Walking Dead. It won’t be smooth sailing though from what we see in this trailer.

We don’t know how well the group gets to know each other before they board Abigail to see if they can get away from the infected and maybe to a safer place. But they don’t trust each other yet from the looks of things.

Daniel and Madison seem to have maintained the little connection they made back in Los Angeles, but Daniel still knows that Madison has family and when it comes to tough choices, family is stronger than anything.

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Chris and Travis are still having problems. Before the outbreak, Chris felt abandoned by his father through divorce and then Liza left him voluntarily to go help at the hospital. He has many issues to work through and it’s a tough time to deal with emotional issues as we’ve seen with our survivors in The Walking Dead.

Not only did his mother leave him to help the infected, but she would become one if Travis didn’t kill her. So she left him with his father and a new step family. Even though he’s a teenager, his emotions will play out like a toddler who needs soothing. He’s going to have tantrums and then need holding and comfort from the same person he’s throwing the tantrum at.

Alicia seems to want to help the people who are struggling, as most teenagers would. They are all going to have to learn about survival and figuring out that there will be people you can trust and people who will pull you down.

An interesting thing about being at sea is they will need the lifesaving rules metaphorically, too. When I learned lifeguard skills, most of the things we learned were ways to get out of the victim pulling us down–escapes. If the victim pulls you down from behind or from the front, etc. There were different ways to escape every situation. It is natural for the drowning person to pull you down with him.

They are going to have to learn what Morgan told Rick about the new world. There is no right; there’s only the wrong that doesn’t pull you down. I love that this is how the two shows are connected. They don’t have to have a character cross paths. The apocalypse itself connects them.

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What do you think of Strand? Do you think he’s hiding something? Will he turn out to be a villain? There should be lots of new characters as well. Thank goodness for Fear the Walking Dead. Now that the initial shock and comparisons are behind us, I hope the people who enjoy it are just going to relax and have fun on Abigail with these fresh walkers.

Please give them some rad and gnarly west coast names!