The Walking Dead: Season 6 finale week memes

Lucille - The Walking Dead, AMC
Lucille - The Walking Dead, AMC /

The second half of season 6 of The Walking Dead has been incredibly meme-worthy. Humor has been replaced by terror in anticipation of Negan.

There are always a few great memes no matter what, but the anxiety and nerves are palpable in social media land as we wait for Sunday.

Last Sunday we had some cute Easter baskets and egg hunt pictures, but as soon as the show aired and our group was left tied up with Daryl shot and Carol still lost, there wasn’t much meme material.

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The Walking Dead world is too busy placing bets at Alexandria’s off track betting parlor about Lucille and cliffhangers. Everyone is out buying antacids and boxes of tissue.

My favorite of the Easter/Spring memes plays on the famous Jesus /Daryl chase scene.

IMG_20160330_235201 /

Here we have the paradox of Carol.

IMG_20160330_234721 /
IMG_20160331_103101 /
IMG_20160331_103800 /

A little Glenn humor to keep the faith for that bloody Daryl ending.

Screenshot_2016-03-30-23-37-22-1 /

A less plausible possibility, but Daryl fans will hold onto any hope before they get out the riot gear.

IMG_20160330_235054 /

Speaking of riot gear, just in case it’s your riot-worthy character who doesn’t make it next Sunday, you might need a permit to hold your riot.

IMG_20160330_235028 /

The protein bar mystery has been officially solved.

IMG_20160331_103249 /

Pretty sure this is an accurate pie graph. Emotionally ready or not we want Sunday to come now!

IMG_20160330_235034 /

This one cracks me up. Love to hate. Hate to love. Bring on the chills!

FB_IMG_1459123048945 /

Just a few more days until our lives on The Walking Dead may be altered forever. From everything the cast has said about the finale, dark is the word of the hour. Denise Huth used Negan as her one word to describe the finale when she was on Talking Dead. 

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A season 6 marathon begins on Saturday for night owls and again early Sunday morning and leads into the 90-minute finale followed by Talking Dead with guests Robert Kirkman, Scott Gimple, and Norman Reedus. We will certainly need that discussion and decompression time.