Talking Dead Recap: The season 6 finale

Talking Dead. Chris Hardwick. AMC
Talking Dead. Chris Hardwick. AMC /

Norman Reedus, Scott Gimple, Robert Kirkman and surprise guest Jeffrey Dean Morgan were on hand in the loft with Chris Hardwick on Talking Dead for the season 6 finale.

Chris Hardwick asked Scott Gimple why he ended on the cliff hanger. I accept his answer. He said that this ended a chapter. This story was about the breaking down of Rick Grimes and the group. Finding out who we lose and how things unfold from there is the start of a new story.

Kirkman talked about how the 100th issue can be a big event in a comic. He’s pleased to start the seventh season of the show with Negan’s story. Lauren Cohan in her behind-the-scenes interview talked about how they don’t know what’s happening next season. I didn’t think of that.

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Everyone in the audience got a Daryl wallet from Shop the Walking Dead. Norman talked a little bit about his new show Ride with Norman Reedus. Norman and Jeffrey “tease fought” over which was better, Daryl’s vest or Negan’s jacket.

Boy, you can really tell that Kirkman loves Negan. Even when Kirkman and Jeffrey Dean Morgan described Negan and how from his point of view things make sense, how Rick has done some terrible things, etc., you start to get sucked into the smile. That never happened to me with The Governor or Gareth when they were on Talking Dead.

Scott Gimple talked about how Morgan had to do what he didn’t want to do. This was something he had been struggling with for a while. Chris asked if Carol wanted to die. Scott Gimple said she was prepared to die at that moment.

Four guests just might be too many for Talking Dead to get into very much discussion about the show, but it was good to decompress from the finale and see all 4 of those men in a relaxed atmosphere.

Chandler Riggs tweeted something that should make us all feel better. He said he doesn’t know who Negan killed and he filmed the episode months ago.

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We saw a preview for Fear the Walking Dead. Robert Kirkman talked a little bit about how the boat will make for tight quarters and character driven stories to get to know our characters from last season better. We will see Chris Hardwick all summer now that Fear has its own Talking Dead. 

Guests next week for Talking Dead will be David Erickson, Cliff Curtis and Hozier.