The Walking Dead: Season 6B Highlights Going into Finale

Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

The Season 6 finale is coming. Negan is coming. Let’s look at everything that has led us to this point. Previously on AMC’s The Walking Dead…

We have an episode guide with the episode names, air dates, more detailed synopses, plot points, major deaths and quotes. But here I will provide a quick burst recap of the major events and beats that should help you remember the second half of season 6 before the finale.

Season 6B opened on Valentine’s Day with the premiere that finished the events that began in the mid-season finale. Then things moved along with a time jump, some rebuilding and meeting some new people.

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With the new people, we learned about even more people who were going to be a problem for us. Those people seem to be everywhere and are a big problem. They belong to a group that is part of the biggest baddest threat we’ve faced so far. Negan.

Alexandria’s Last Stand

  • Bite, chew, swallow, repeat
  • Boom! Nibble on that!
  • Sam and Jessie get eaten.
  • Ron gets stabbed by Michonne.
  • Stray bullet gets Carl’s eye.
  • Gabriel saves Judith.
  • Town works together to kick ass.
  • Gabe and Eugene make cheer-worthy speeches.
  • Fire lake of walkers.


  • My friends used to call me Jesus.
  • Jesus and Daryl play tag in a field.
  • Gregory is an interesting boss.
  • Maggie becomes the negotiator.
  • Jesus educates us about The Saviors.
  • A deal went wrong for Ethan.
  • Ethan has a message for Gregory.
  • The group makes a deal for food by agreeing to take out Negan.
  • Rick and Michonne had a day!

The Saviors

  • Three Gregory heads.
  • Glenn has to kill.
  • They take out The Saviors at the compound.
  • One Savior has Daryl’s bike.
  • Three girl Saviors have Maggie and Carol.
  • Carol is starting to feel the weight of the killing.
  • Carrots, eggs and coffee.
  • We’re all Negan.

Dwight, Denise and Desperation

  • Denise and Eugene want to be survivors.
  • Eugene breaks up with Abraham.
  • Denise gets an arrow in the eye.
  • Dwight gets a bite in the..not the eye.
  • Eugene makes up with Abraham.
  • Abraham gets invited into Sasha’s heart.
  • Carol breaks up with the town.
  • Morgan breaks up with Rick.
  • Daryl seeks revenge on Dwight.
  • It backfires.
  • Glenn, Rosita, Michonne and Daryl are in trouble.
  • Dwight shoots Daryl in the shoulder.

Nancy from Montclair

  • That woman is a force of nature.
  • Just a knife for the dead ones.
  • She dropped the rosary.
  • She escaped into the fields.

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The trailer: Here we go! Carol is still out there. Daryl, Rosita, Glenn and Michonne are still in peril. Morgan found a horse and a sign that says You’re still alive. Abraham is driving Rick and a group out to make a deal with the Saviors. Someone is lying in the road. Tons of walkers are leashed up on a chain.

We see the barbed wire bat. We see the back of a man in a leather jacket. We hear a low voice say, ” Hi. I’m  Negan.”