Marathon your way into Fear the Walking Dead season 2 Sunday

Gloria and victim. Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Gloria and victim. Fear The Walking Dead - AMC /

Fear the Walking Dead’s season 2 begins on Sunday, April 10th. Cruise your way into the new season by watching season 1 all afternoon on AMC.

We just finished season 6 of The Walking Dead with our group in the biggest predicament since the train car or the herd of walkers infiltrating Alexandria and the introduction of perhaps the most infamous comic book villain of the series.

While we wait for October, we move to the east coast and back to the early days of the outbreak on Fear the Walking Dead. Back to our friends Madison Clark and Travis Manawa and their blended family along with new friends Daniel Salazar and his daughter Ofelia, and the closer himself, Victor Strand.

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Season 2 takes us out to sea on Strand’s yacht, Abigail, and tests family dynamics as well as the newly formed bonds of trust as they try to work together to fight the infected. Someone from Flight 462 should be joining the events in season 2 as well.

Before season 2 sets sail, we can revisit all of season 1 on Sunday with a mini-marathon of all 6 episodes beginning at 2pm./1pmC. Tune in and meet Nick Clark as he wakes up in a church drug den and stumbles upon Gloria.

Get to know Madison and Travis as they go to their jobs at a local high school. Meet Tobias, one of Madison’s students, Artie, the principal and Matt, the boyfriend of Madison’s daughter Alicia.

Follow along as things start to unravel and the flu that’s going around turns out to be something more than just the flu. Power outages, panic, riots. As Tobias says, “When civilization ends, it ends fast.”

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Daniel Salazar and Victor Strand have strong roles in the events that unfold to get the group where they end up at the end of the first season. Watch the marathon to enjoy remembering the first season or to watch it for the first time if you missed it last summer so you can join the cruise with the zombies this summer.

The zombie ship sets sail on Sunday and her name is Abigail.