Fear the Walking Dead: Create your own Fear videos

Fear Stories. AMC.
Fear Stories. AMC. /

To celebrate the return of Fear the Walking Dead as it returns for its second season, create your own story with the AMC app and some photos.

With the release of new films we have started to see neat little apps to go along with the theme of the movie. We’ve been able to upload pictures to show where we’re “Straight Outta”; we were able to Peanut-ize ourselves and Power Puff girl ourselves.

We can still zombie ourselves with AMC’s zombie photo app Dead Yourself. With Fear the Walking Dead returning for season 2, we can’t join the gang on Abigail, but we can make a little video that places us in the LA outbreak.

It’s a cool little app called Fear Stories that only takes a few minutes and a few pictures. Once you upload your pictures and create your video, you can share it to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

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You need a picture of yourself, a picture of a friend and a picture of your family or loved ones. The story is a basic one. You are talking to your family or loved ones about your trip to Los Angeles. You hope you don’t get the flu that’s going around.

Unfortunately,  your friend gets it and ends up in the hospital, and on the front page of the newspaper reporting the epidemic. You are letting your family know about your poor friend as you start to see the infected all around you.

You let your family know you miss them and hope to see them soon, Of course, your 3 pictures are used mixed in with scenes from seasons 1 and 2 of Fear the Walking Dead. So, like Negan, or Victor Strand, you’re the star of your own movie.

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Gather a bunch of photos, head on over to AMC and create your own Fear Stories to celebrate seeing Nick, Alicia, Chris, Madison, Travis, Daniel, Ofelia and Victor again. Get ready to meet Abigail, a bunch of infected and perhaps more survivors.