The Walking Dead: Disney meme version of Negan story line

Negan, The Walking Dead comics - Image and Skybound
Negan, The Walking Dead comics - Image and Skybound /

Which Disney/Pixar movie or character would work to parallel the Negan storyline in The Walking Dead. One memer hit the nail on the head with his choice.

There are no zombie apocalypse Disney movies–yet. But the themes can be seen in one movie to go along with our new Negan storyline if we look at Crazy Rick Grimes’ new meme.

He compares Negan to Hopper in A Bug’s Life. It’s a brilliant comparison if you’re familiar with old meanie Hopper. I am quite familiar with the grasshopper who terrorized the ant colony,

My nephew loved A Bug’s Life when he was 3-1/2 years old. We saw it in the theater many times. He had several Hopper figures, his favorite one he played with so much I had to Scotch tape a wing back on it.

Hopper was the head of the grasshoppers who extorted food from the ants. The ants had to gather enough food for themselves and to give to the grasshoppers.

IMG_20160410_154435 /

There’s a little more to the story. Flik is a bit of an inventor and a clutz and tries to make easier ways for the colony to gather food. His plans backfire. But in the end, the ants realize they have numbers and they are doing all the work so they stand up to Hopper.

Perhaps Hilltop, the new Kingdom and Alexandria will find a way to come together and stand up to the bully Negan who uses intimidation to have everyone else do all the work for him and take care of his needs.

( YouTube: How Negan story could be resolved Disney style) 

Unfortunately, in The Walking Dead, there will be more serious consequences along the way. In A Bug’s Life, no bugs were actually harmed and the scariest thing was Hopper screaming “Where’s? My? Food?!” Although Flik did have a heck of a black eye at the end from getting kicked around.

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What do you think? Is A Bug’s Life a pretty good comparison to the Negan storyline? Are there any other Disney bullies that compare to Negan? How about other fairy tales or movies?  I want to see all of our people link arms like the ants in the clip at the end of A Bug’s Life! Very dramatic!