Fear The Walking Dead 202: We All Fall Down teaser videos

Victor Strand and Daniel Salazar - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC
Victor Strand and Daniel Salazar - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC /

Hungry for more of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead? Check out these great preview teaser videos from episode 202 of the hit show, titled “We All Fall Down”.

Fear The Walking Dead kicked off season 2 with a bang, introducing more characters, zombies, and drama as well as putting new situations for fans out there to experience. With episode 201 picking up the pace right away, what is next for the folks on Victor Strand’s ship Abigail?

Curious fans won’t have to wait long, as teasers have already been released by AMC for episode 202 of the series titled “We All Fall Down”, which airs on Sunday, April 17, 2016. Although, as usual, the teasers don’t give away too much, they’re just enough to whet the appetite of fans curious to see what is going to happen next.

Here is the first teaser that aired after Fear The Walking Dead on AMC as hosted on the official AMC YouTube account:

This sneak peek an interaction between Daniel Salazar and Victor Strand. Daniel wants Strand to know that he’s keeping a close eye on him, and that frustrates the mystery man. Strand paces and sighs while Daniel sits and watches him with a grin on his face.

Strand asks Daniel what is taking everyone so long, and Daniel returns his question with another, asking him if he has somewhere to be. Strand says that he doesn’t like sitting still, as it makes them an easy target. But Daniel still questions his ownership of Abigail as well as whether or not he’d leave people behind. Strand tells him to calm down, and that they’ll be fine as long as they have water and fish.

The second teaser aired at the end of Talking Dead but hasn’t yet been uploaded to AMC’s YouTube account. So here it is, in sort of poor quality, from Fear The Walking Dead Spain:

The group has gone to land and seem to have tracked someone into a house. The people or person inside don’t want to make their presence known, but Travis calls out for them, saying that they aren’t there to hurt them and they shouldn’t worry. At the end of the video, the door to the house can be heard creaking, as if being opened by the people inside.

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Don’t miss AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead episode 202,“We All Fall Down” when it airs at 9 pm/8c on Sunday, April 17, 2016. Finding out what is next for the Salazar, Clark, and Manawa families as well as Victor Strand should be a great adventure, and one that should be must-watch television for fans of the zombie genre.