Fear the Walking Dead: Watch Season 2 premiere online free at AMC

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Fear the Walking Dead began season 2 with the group boarding Strand’s boat and heading out to sea. If you missed it, AMC is helping you with another opportunity to join the group aboard Abigail.

If you missed the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead for whatever reason and would like to check it out, AMC has you covered. OnDemand always has the current season available, and if you have AMC on your home cable or satellite service, there is always an opportunity for online streaming with a login.

But it seems to have become a new tradition for AMC to offer premieres online free with no login required. So even if you don’t have AMC at home and usually rely on HULU,  DVD, or friends’ homes,  you can catch the premiere and see the group set sail on Abigail.

If you need a quick refresher on the first season, or if you missed season one, don’t worry, we have a quick video here for you so you can get an idea of what happened and meet the characters from Los Angeles at the beginning of what they thought was a flu epidemic, but turned out to be the end of the world.

Watch Monster at AMC with no login required! 

We follow a small group of survivors. Madison Clark and her two children, Alicia and Nick. Alicia was a smart high school student ready to head off to college the following year. Nick was a drug addict who had lost his way after their father died. Madison was a guidance counselor at the high school.

Travis Manawa was an English teacher and is dating Madison. Travis and his ex-wife, Liza have a son, Chris, who is not dealing well with the divorce or the new dating arrangement and his prospective step family.

Victor Strand is a rich, mysterious stranger Nick met through random circumstances in the outbreak. Daniel Salazar, a barber and former El Salvadoran refugee, and his daughter are also strangers that Travis met through circumstances of the outbreak.

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They are all thrown together now and headed out to sea on Victor Strand’s boat to escape the chaos and the infected. Once you watch, come back to Undead Walking for reviews, recaps and opinions. We’ve got you covered for all things Fear the Walking Dead. 

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