The Walking Dead season 6: The Orange Crush theory

Denise Cloyd - The Walking Dead, AMC
Denise Cloyd - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Did Tara’s choice of beverage give a big hint to one of the major questions following the biggest cliffhanger in the history of AMC’s The Walking Dead?

With the massive cliffhanger that left fans on the edge of their seats for the season 6 finale, the big question on everyone’s mind regards who had their skull bashed in by Negan. There are tons of theories going around as to who the victim will be when the seventh season premieres, but one of the most unique is the “Orange Crush” theory.

Orange Crush is a brand of soda pop. In fact, it is a drink that is loved by one of the regulars on AMC’s The Walking Dead. But what could this brand of beverage have to do with the inevitable death of one of the 11 potential choices for Negan to kill? Well, that is an interesting theory.

Reddit user Wazuh offered a unique outlook on who Negan may have picked as his victim according to an article on

"“As we all know, Denise has recently been killed off the show with the death of Abraham. She had a speech close to Abraham’s as well. So you could say that she got his death for sure. And if you remember from earlier, Tara wanted a soda. A specific Soda. Very specific.. And the soda was called: Orange Crush. And in episode 6×14 Denise finds the orange crush and then proceeds to die on the death of Abraham’s from the comic. Is it possible that the orange foreshadows Abraham and Crush foreshadowing him getting crushed? Sorry if my english was bad. Native is swedish.”"

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There is some credibility to this theory. Not only did Denise stand in for Abraham’s death in the comic book series, but the fact that Denise died while she was out getting some Orange Crush could be an interesting and fun way to tease a character’s death without giving it away.

When you add in that Abraham’s hair is unnaturally orange (and this is coming from one of the orangest haired people around), it makes the possibility of an “orange crush” during the season 7 premiere an interesting thought.

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But would The Walking Dead tease a death in this way? And would AMC change a major death from the comic books just to kill them off a handful of episodes later? The truth of the matter is that fans won’t know for sure who died until the show airs on AMC in October. But, until then, it’s a lot of fun to talk about.