The Walking Dead: New theatre project for actor Corey Brill


Actor Corey Brill played Pete Anderson on AMC’s The Walking Dead, but now he is on stage in OFFICE HOUR at South Coast Repertory theater with Sandra Oh.

Fans of The Walking Dead are still recovering from the season 6 finale. No one knows who we lost in this year’s finale, but surely you recall Pete Anderson clumsily killing Reg Monroe with Michonne’s katana at end of The Walking Dead season 5. This prompted Alexandria leader and Reg’s wife, Deanna Monroe, to order the execution of Pete for this crime. And we haven’t seen or heard from Pete Anderson since.

Thankfully, Corey Brill, the very amiable actor who played the despised Pete, is alive and well! Fans who follow him on Twitter may hear him tweeting about his rooftop beekeeping in Los Angeles. But he is also working on something else that is very interesting at the moment as well.

Corey has a history of working with a group called the South Coast Repertory in Orange County, California. Corey’s latest project there is a play called OFFICE HOUR. Brill shares the stage with Sandra Oh of Grey’s Anatomy fame.

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The good-natured Corey took to Periscope recently during rehearsals to give fans a glimpse backstage. He also sang the praises of the lighting team and other crew for being the ones that make the magic happen.

Here is the description of OFFICE HOUR from the South Coast Repertory website:

"“Julia Cho has crafted a tense and riveting drama that draws on the threat of campus violence and challenges audiences to empathize with both student and teacher,” said Artistic Director Marc Masterson. “She encourages us to try to understand complex perspectives and Office Hour lets us see today’s issues in a very real, personal way.”"

Learn more about the story of OFFICE HOUR here as well as about a special rate for some of this week’s performances. The play runs through April 30, 2016.

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And if you can’t make one of his theatrical performances, Corey is scheduled to appear with other guests from The Walking Dead at Walker Stalker Con Chicago May 28 & 29. He always enjoys visiting with fans!

Break a leg, Corey!