Fear The Walking Dead 202: We All Fall Down [recap and poll]

Chris kills his first infected - Fear The Walking Dead ep 202, 2016
Chris kills his first infected - Fear The Walking Dead ep 202, 2016 /

The ocean is always unpredictable, but in Fear The Walking Dead 202: We All Fall Down, the unpleasant surprises continued this week. Read below for a recap of this episode, vote in our poll and leave us your comments.

At the end of last week’s episode, we all thought that we were about to see someone, maybe pirates, maybe Alicia’s new friend Jack, arrive and threaten the people aboard the Abigail. However, as this week’s episode started, Strand was able to dodge them long enough for the survivors to find a whole new creepy situation.

This week, Walkers (or whatever we’re calling them) wash ashore at a beach as 2 kids come down to play in the sand. They walkers get up and stagger forward toward the kids, who don’t notice. Thankfully, that’s when we see that there’s a fence that stops them. They leave something – a seashell picnic? – by the fence and then run away.

Madison is pissed at Nick for going into the boat wreckage, yelling at him as he goes down the hall after coming out of the shower. Travis comes to get her, saying that according to the log that Nick had salvaged from the other boat’s wreckage, they have a problem – apparently San Diego has already been destroyed. Strand doesn’t necessarily believe them. He’s been trying to lose the other boat, but it’s not working. He says they have to hide instead.

Travis suggests going into a cove where they’ll be a ranger station which will at least have supplies. Strand doesn’t like it, but agrees.

That night, they’re still en route to the cove. Madison points out a light that had come on in a house on shore. Strand, Daniel and Ofelia stay on the boat, and the rest of them go ashore to check it out.

They approach the building and Travis calls out to whoever is inside. A boy runs out, then is called back in by a man. He steps out and says the boy was excited to see people. Travis introduces himself to George Geary. Travis tells George that they just want to get their bearings, then they’ll be gone.

George offers Travis a beer in a library, tells him he’s welcome to take a book with him. George can tell they’re from LA. He confirms that San Diego was burned down, and says that the Mexican border had also been shut down. He says the interior is no better than the coast – that the infection has spread all the way out to Colorado.

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Madison talks to George’s wife, Melissa, about their previous lives. Seth, the oldest Geary son, comes into the room then, before he leaves, says he’ll be back in a while.

Back on the boat, Ofelia wants to know if they’ll be staying. Daniel says no, it’s only temporary. Ofelia looks upset – she says she’s starting to understand this world better, and that it helps her understand him. She looks him in the face and says, “It’s cruel.” She’s obviously still mad at him.

Alicia, Chris and Nick are inside, talking to the two younger kids, Harry and Willa. The girl asks about the line, “pocket full of posies” from Ring Around the Rosie and Alicia explains what it originally meant. Nick goes with Harry to see his room. One of his toy figures has a red mark in the middle of his forehead, and Harry tells Nick that that’s what has to happen now when people get sick.

Daniel sits with Strand in the control room. Strand is impatient, says he feels like a target sitting there. Daniel asks who he’s planning to leave behind. Strand is evasive.

Travis Manawa and Ranger Station guy - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC
Travis Manawa and Ranger Station guy – Fear The Walking Dead, AMC /

In the house, George guesses that Travis’ heritage is Maori, from New Zealand. Travis is surprised because George is right. George is an anthropologist, which is how he knew. Travis asks if they can dock there for the night and leave in the morning, to which George agrees.

Walking back out to the boat, Travis tells Madison what he learned about San Diego and points south. Madison says that Melissa had grilled her about her job. Madison thinks that Melissa wanted to get off the island.

Everyone’s back on the boat, and it’s late. Nick and Alicia are both up, out on the deck talking. Nick is overwhelmed by what Harry and Willa had already seen. He thinks something is off there, but Alicia argues that “Everything is off. Everywhere.”

Chris is climbing along the shore at sunrise. He sees Seth and tags along after him. Seth says he’s doing “maintenance.” He kills the walkers that have gathered along the fence on the beach with an axe.

Travis is up and looking for Chris. Nick hasn’t seen him, but isn’t concerned. Travis offers to help him find him, but Travis says no.

 “Everything is off. Everywhere.”

On the beach, Seth teaches Chris how to kill the walkers through the fence. He says he’s been preparing for this for a long time and tells Chris to come back later. Chris wants to kill one more, so Seth leaves him the pickaxe, telling him to bring it back when he’s done. Travis finds Chris there and is concerned when he sees him kill the final walker by the fence, despite Travis’ protest.

Travis goes to George, upset about what he’d seen. George tries to reassure him, and tells him to take a ride with him in his truck.

They’re further along the coast, fixing sections of fence to hold back infected. Travis asks why they stay there. George says he’s not giving up.

Alicia walks up to the main office building, listening to music through earbuds. There’s a pencil attached to a board, so she draws a picture on a sign up sheet that had been attached there.

Nick Clark - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC
Nick Clark – Fear The Walking Dead, AMC /

Nick goes inside the house and upstairs, immediately going to the bathroom medicine cabinet. He walks around, looking in rooms. He opens a small globe and finds a bag of pills. Willa finds him and convinces him to come and draw with her.

Daniel and Strand are in the control room. Strand says their “friend” is gone, that they left with the tide.

Melissa is tending her garden and Madison comes over to help and to talk to her. She asks Melissa flat out if she turned on the light by accident. Melissa said she’d been watching them through her binoculars and felt hopeful that her kids would have a chance with them that they wouldn’t have on the island. George and Seth would refuse to leave, she said, and she has MS. She wants Madison’s group to take Harry and Willa with them.

Madison tells Travis this on the boat, who argues that he can’t take their kids. Madison tries to convince him that that’s what they need to do. Travis says he’ll talk to George.

Daniel is searching for something in the control room. He finds a small knife and opens a locked compartment. He takes out maps and a bag, in which he finds a machine gun.

Strand is talking on a phone. He says it’s all clear now, and tells whoever he’s talking to that he’ll be there by sundown.

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Nick comes in from the deck and stands watching out the window. He tells Madison and Travis that he thinks George is planning on “Jonestowning” his whole family. When they ask how he knows, he says he found pills, with which he is obviously very familiar.

Nick, Madison and Travis are sitting nervously in the house when Melissa says the kids will be right down. Madison promises they’ll take good care of them. Melissa is nervous. George comes in and asks what’s going on, but no one answers him. George confronts Melissa, who tries to explain. Harry comes down, looking glassy eyed and says that something’s wrong with Willa.

Melissa finds her laying on her back on the floor upstairs. The globe is laying open, pills beside it. Harry says that Willa had taken her pill. Willa’s eyes open suddenly open and it’s clear that she has turned. Before they know what’s happening, Willa attacks Melissa. Travis tells George he can’t save her, then leaves.

Madison and the others take Harry to the boat and argue with Strand about taking him along. Seth comes onto the boat with a rifle, demanding to have Harry back. Madison tells him to come with them, but Seth is agitated and threatening to shoot. He tells Harry to go with him, and the boy does. The two leave the boat, and because there’s nothing they can do, the group on the boat prepares to leave.

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The “infected,” as they call them, that had been Melissa is walking down the dock. She has turned. Ofelia asks Daniel if he can do something, and Daniel replies that he – Seth – has a rifle. They all watch as Harry waves to them while Melissa advances on them. There’s a gunshot as they sail away. Seth has shot Melissa.

So many questions remain after tonight’s episode. Was the boat that tried to catch them Alicia’s “friend” Jack? Was San Diego actually burned down? Who in the world was Strand talking to, and who is his cell phone provider that he has a signal after the end of civilization in the first place? (I need to credit my friend @m_serda on Twitter for that last one) As always, only time will tell… if we’re lucky.