Fear the Walking Dead: Strand and Hershel’s hospitality

Victor Strand from Fear The Walking Dead and Hershel Greene from The Walking Dead, AMC
Victor Strand from Fear The Walking Dead and Hershel Greene from The Walking Dead, AMC /

Fear the Walking Dead’s Victor Strand and The Walking Dead’s Hershel Greene seem like very different characters on their respective shows, but they have something in common.

My boat, My farm!

We didn’t meet Hershel until the second season of The Walking Dead, and we really didn’t meet Victor until almost season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead. In both cases, it’s still relatively early in the apocalypse and people are still adjusting. Nobody is going around just taking places. So far.

In the case of Hershel, he was still in a very early, naive place in his survival. Victor is far from naive, but it’s very early in the going in the Fear world. Nobody has reached a new world order or a next world mentality yet. People are still trying to figure things out and holding onto who they are and what is theirs.

Hershel said more than once to Rick that it was his farm, his rules, his say and Rick needed to make sure his people knew that. He told Maggie to make sure she didn’t let those people get too comfortable there. He called Rick’s people a plague more than once. He told them he did the Christian thing and gave them shelter and they destroyed it.

fear-the-walking-dead-episode-201-nick-daniel-blades-935 /

Chris Hardwick asked Cliff Curtis why Travis went along with Strand when he said his three rules of the boat. Curtis said Travis respected his authority as the owner and he likes order. Travis knows Strand didn’t have to help them once they got out of the pen. I immediately thought of Hershel and Rick.

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Back then Rick knew how important that farm was for them. How important that safety was for them at that time. He respected Hershel’s authority as the owner of the property and wanted to earn Hershel’s respect and pay him back for letting them stay there. There’s no effective score keeping anymore. That gets you into Shane territory. But respect is a viable currency.

Rick went so far as to attempt to leash walkers and put them in the barn while he figured out a way to get Hershel to realize they weren’t sick. He knew how important staying on that farm was to them. Of course, Shane and Sophia put a monkey wrench in that plan, just as Alicia may have done with Strand and our boat.

Hershel’s 3 rules: My farm. My rules. My say.

Strand’s 3 rules: It’s my boat. It’s my boat. It’s my boat.

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The two shows are so different yet being in the same world makes it fun to make little comparisons like this and have the connection of the time line and the walkers. I’m still waiting for some hip names for the walkers! I’d like to hear a Spanish one from Salazar, too. Monstruo? Calavera? Calaca? Muertos?