The Walking Dead issue 154 review: Led To Slaughter

Negan - The Walking Dead comics, Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment
Negan - The Walking Dead comics, Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment /

The Walking Dead issue 154 titled ‘Led To Slaughter’ was released on May 4th, 2016, but was it any good? Here is a review of the Image/Skybound comic.

Last month’s issue of The Walking Dead comic books left things in an odd place. With Negan escaping from the basement of Alexandria, leadership of the groups up in the air, Eugene’s conversations on the radio and Carl inching away from his father, there are tons of things going on right now.

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But what were the most interesting things to happen in “Led To Slaughter” which could change the face of the comic book universe forever? Let’s take a good, hard look some of the most notable stuff from The Walking Dead issue #154.


There are a lot of big things to take away from this issue of the comics. First of all, there is Aaron who ended the issue with being stabbed in the guts by Beta. While it didn’t confirm his death, it does appear as though this could be the end for him, as there is no medical attention nearby for him and he’s still got walkers all around him. To be fair, Alpha did say that anyone who crossed the border would be punished, and Michonne and Aaron crossed that line anyway.

Beta and Aaron - The Walking Dead, AMC
Beta and Aaron – The Walking Dead, AMC /

Another thing of note in “Led To Slaughter” is that Negan has finally met Alpha and he seems to really like her! Of course, this is just on first sight, but a partnership between these two villains could mean bad things for Alexandria and the other surrounding communities. But how could Negan’s non-stop one-liners fit in with a group that takes so much pride on silence and stealth?

It was revealed that the person that Eugene is talking to on the radio is a female name Stephanie. That makes sense, as Eugene always did have a soft spot for getting attention from women and would have been far more likely to talk for a long time to a woman following the death of his girlfriend, Rosita. But is Eugene lowering his guard far too much just because it’s a female on the other side of the conversation?

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Finally, it appears as though the wedge between Rick and Carl isn’t quite remedied. Carl wants to stay with Lydia in The Hilltop because he feels freedom there instead of being constantly watched and smothered. Plus, Carl seems to really enjoy having sex with Lydia. And honestly, I can’t blame him.

There are some other little things to note. For example, Brandon’s dead body wasn’t made sure not to turn, so he could return as a walker in the future. Is Andrea right when she says the propaganda on the walls of Alexandria are just far too much? And did Rick actually become a better leader recently or did he just deal with some of the big issues while letting others slide?

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Hopefully, we’ll find out more about what is going on with these situations and others when issue #155 of The Walking Dead‘s comic book series titled “Tip of the Spear” is released on June 1st, 2016. It appears as though the plan to attack The Whisperers is still going to happen, but will Negan have Alpha’s group prepared?