The Walking Dead’s cliffhanger will remain a secret to fans


With information that The Walking Dead filmed the resolution for the season 6 cliffhanger, fans might be wrong to assume that spoilers will be available.

Fans of The Walking Dead were chomping at the bit for Negan to make his debut on the hit AMC zombie survival drama. Ever since Watchmen, Supernatural, and The Good Wife star Jeffrey Dean Morgan was announced as the casting decision to play the big bad, anticipation was at insanely high levels.

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However, a lot of that excitement faded away when one of the most iconic situations from the comic book series was used as a cliffhanger to end season 6. Fans were left wondering who Negan had killed with the barbed wire baseball bat and how the other survivors would react to it.

In the past, spoilers dropped about The Walking Dead during the show’s filming all the time. However, it appears as though this is one secret that AMC doesn’t want spoiled. According to a report on Wetpaint’s website, known spoiler group The Spoiling Dead Fans is saying that filming has been done on the scene and spoilers will be very difficult to get for one specific reason.

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"“Filming is at the studio tonight. Studio = Where spoilers go to die,” TSDF says. “Word is that they may be finishing up that pesky cliffhanger. Yes, that means a beloved character could be filming their death tonight.”"

As a fan of The Walking Dead, I’m happy that AMC is holding this information so close to their sleeve. After how badly the “Glenn fake out” was done earlier in season 6, the show needs to show that they can provide unpredictable moments that will make the fans appreciate the hard work and effort that goes into filming and planning scenes like this.

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You can watch The Walking Dead when it returns for season 7 this October. It has also been promised to fans that they won’t have to wait to get a resolution to the cliffhanger, so expect to see Negan and his trusty bat Lucille as soon as the beginning credits roll after the long break.