The Walking Dead 2 slot machines released by Aristocrat

The Walking Dead 2 Slot Machine - Aristocrat and AMC
The Walking Dead 2 Slot Machine - Aristocrat and AMC /

Fans of gambling and AMC’s zombie survival drama are in luck, as Aristocrat has released The Walking Dead 2 slot machine featuring characters from the show!

When one of the most popular forms of recreational entertainment combines with the most watched show on cable television, good things will happen. And that is exactly the case when Aristocrat slot machines teamed up with The Walking Dead to create a new version of their games.

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Fans have been able to enjoy the first wave of The Walking Dead slot machines for a while now, enjoying some of the story from the first two seasons of the hit show while hoping to make a couple extra dollars in the process. But now it seems as though the story will continue, as The Walking Dead 2 will feature characters and situations from seasons 3 and 4.

Present in the game is the main antagonist from those two seasons, The Governor. In fact, he is the focus of two of the most important minigames of the machine, while Michonne and hordes of walkers will also be available to keep you drawn in the gaming.

Here is a statement from Aristocrat about what to expect from The Walking Dead 2 slot machines from their official website:

"“The Walking Dead® II Slot Game is housed in the award-winning Arc Double™ cabinet, providing a fully engrossing player experience. Heavily themed to the action in the show’s seasons III and IV, this all-new game includes the features Michonne Attack, Reel Growth, and Wild Horde. Exciting bonus features include Governor Jackpot Bonus and Governor Free Games.”"

As if that wasn’t enough to bring out the gambler in you, check out this cool video showing off The Walking Dead 2 slot machine from the official Aristocrat Slots YouTube account:

The Walking Dead 2 is a good game for both the casual gambler as well as the high-stakes players. It does cost 75 credits to play, but you can choose the amount you would like the credit to be, ranging from 1 cent to $20 per credit.

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Keep an eye out for The Governor, Michonne, and the walkers when The Walking Dead 2 slot machines from Aristocrat make an appearance at a gambling facility near you. These new games should bring even the most dormant gambling fan of AMC’s zombie show back to life.