The Walking Dead: I met these people at Walker Stalker Con Chicago


I attended my first Walker Stalker Con in Chicago over Memorial day weekend and met quite a few of The Walking Dead cast as well as a member of the Fear the Walking Dead cast.

The Walker Stalker Con was filled with artists, vendors and panels that I enjoyed, but the main attraction is the celebrity guests. I met quite a few during my 2 days at the con.

The two things that prevent con guests from meeting everyone are the cost and timing. But that’s just the reality of the event. Sometimes guests are at photo ops or lunch. There were longer lines for Michael Cudlitz, Chandler Riggs, and Josh McDermitt.

Most of the guests had lines at some point, but with the wide variety of guests, the lines were not outrageous.  I was able to say hello to Austin Amelio, Dwight, and Corey Brill, Pete Anderson. They were both very kind.

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I met Josh McDermitt and Michael Traynor. Michael Cudlitz, José Cantillo and Tyler James Williams.  I saw Seth Gilliam again–I met him at Wizard World last summer. And I met Lincoln A. Castellanos whom I interviewed through email during season 1 of Fear the Walking Dead. 

  • Josh McDermitt:  Hilarious. When I mentioned our website, he asked what it was. I didn’t figure it out at the time, but I think he was feeling me out to see if we were a spoiler site. He choked me in our picture. I also met our Twitter friend “The Walking Jen” who was volunteering at Josh’s table!
  • Michael Cudlitz: He seemed to recognize my name and our website when I introduced myself. He opened his arms and hugged me. I thanked him for being so kind to me. He said he liked my stuff. He stared me down in our picture.
  • Seth Gilliam: Seth remembered my face from last year and our talks about Father Gabriel. I’ve always been on his side. This year he’s getting comments from fans that they used to hate him, but now they like him. When he asks if it was protecting the baby or shooting the unarmed man that turned them around, they usually say the shooting. That’s a whole topic right there.
  • Lincoln A. Castellanos: Lincoln recognized me and called me by name as I was walking by. He hugged me ferociously. We talked about Fear the Walking Dead and that he was enjoying the cons. They brought in Giordano’s pizza for them “back stage” so that was good! It’s one of the famous Chicago pizzas.
  • Tyler James Williams: Tyler also tried to figure out if I was from a spoiler site. He was happy that I was not. I talked to Tyler about how spectacular the revolving door scene was and that I knew the walker who ate him. He was very complimentary about the walkers and the director.
  • Michael Traynor: Michael liked my Namaste tee-shirt and remembered doing an interview with Tracey from our website. He pointed at me in our photo.
  • José Cantillo: I played Free Me the game that José and his buddy created. It’s a card game that pokes fun at social media. It was a really nice break from the hustle and walking around at the con and a nice experience to sit and chat with “Martinez”!

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I also attended 3 panels: “Merle” with Michael Rooker, Fear the Walking Dead with Lincoln A. Castellanos and Lorenzo Henrie and “Revolving Door Brothers” with Michael Traynor and Tyler James Williams.  Stay tuned for more detailed stories about those panels!