The Walking Dead’s Noah and Nicholas:The Revolving Door Brothers

Revolving door. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Revolving door. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

Walker Stalker Con Chicago hosted panels with actors from The Walking Dead. Revolving Door Brothers included hilarious dynamic duo Tyler James Williams and Michael Traynor.

This panel was extremely fun and entertaining.  Michael Traynor used the word allegedly quite a bit when people referenced his “getting Noah killed.” Both actors talked about the nature of being on the show as a temporary gig that they loved.

The moderator got them going, but then the audience had plenty of questions as well. The revolving door scene was a big topic, but Nicholas and even Noah hate was discussed along with Rick,  Negan and each of their deaths.

I took notes and I will quote as closely as possible, but I’m paraphrasing their actual words at times, if someone has a video tape, I may have missed an actual word or word order.

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  • Temporary nature of the job: Both actors recognized that the job is one where you can die at any time. They both were extended per episode at one point and didn’t know if they would make it. When they found out they were dying, it was freeing in some ways. It’s stressful not knowing. Tyler compared it to lying to your parents. You know you’re going to get caught,  you just don’t know when so you’re always anxious.  You don’t want to get caught, but when it happens you can finally relax. He said if he died on Criminal Minds, he’d be pissed! It’s a different situation.
  • Filming the deaths: Both actors were proud of their death scenes and the other actors. Michael said he loved that he felt like everyone made it so it’s okay to give that much to your acting and it’s okay to care that much about a show.

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  • Funny stories:  1. In New York a guy walked by Michael and they were going to walk in a revolving door and the guy saw Michael, shook his head and turned around saying, “uh uh, no way.” 2. Tyler was bitten by a fan at a photo-op in Atlanta. The host said they were going to have to start posting signs. Tyler pointed out the obvious. “You would think you wouldn’t need signs!” 3. After the scene with Glenn and Nicholas in the woods, Michael Traynor’s mom told him, “I love you, but I would’ve shot your ass.” 4. Someone asked if Michael had a fear of dumpsters. He said yes, he has to have someone else throw out all his garbage for him. 5. The cast kept Michael trapped in the revolving door during the filming day telling him it would help him act!
  • Tyler on Nicholas: Tyler talked about being an actor and understanding Nicholas by finding the intention behind his actions. He was scared out of his mind. As an actor you don’t justify, you drive toward intention. He also mentioned that Nicholas never actually saw what happened to Noah. He said to imagine if it were Rick and 2 new Alexandrians in the door.
  • Character hate: Noah got some hate at first because when he arrived we lost Beth and Tyreese. Michael talked about reading each script and realizing how much he was going to be hated more and more with each script. He tries to hear the love with the hate.
  • Both characters with Glenn: Tyler tried to tell Glenn with his “Don’t let go,” that things can still go wrong even when you’re trying, and don’t let that make you give up. Michael said his “thank you” and tried to make the situation easier for Glenn by removing himself from it. He saw there was no hope and now Glenn wouldn’t have to try to save two people.
  • Negan’s victim: People just won’t let it go. But the two of them were not flustered by the question. They turned it into a nice comedy routine. Tyler said the bold choice would be nobody. Michael seemed pretty confident that it was Judith. Tyler thought that would be pretty low even for The Walking Dead. The idea of nobody gave Traynor the idea of a spider taking it like a champ.
  • Rick: Rick scares the hell out of Tyler!  He said he’s like if Daryl and Shane had a baby. He thinks there’s something wrong with Rick now! They talked about how he chopped off his girlfriend’s hand. My favorite thing ever is that Tyler referred to Rick’s coat as “the murder jacket”! He said they leave the fake blood on the murder jacket from year to year and that it’s more blood now than jacket. Traynor chimed in that it’s held together with spite and a will to survive!

They were so much fun! I could listen to their stories all day. I’ll end with a fantastic story from Tyler that you will absolutely love. Tyler was somewhere, I think an airport maybe, on the night of the show where he died. He was going to be on Talking Dead that night.

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He ran into a fan who asked him to sign some type of autograph book. He told her he’d sign it, if she promised she wouldn’t look at it until after the show that night. He signed it and put a time and date on it, which was before the air time and date and signed, “Don’t let go!”