The Walking Dead: ‘Rick It!’ Devo song parody is AMAZING

Rick It! (Walking Dead / Whip It Parody) from Bonecage on YouTube
Rick It! (Walking Dead / Whip It Parody) from Bonecage on YouTube /

Ever wonder what Devo’s hit song “Whip It!” would sound like if it were about The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes? Wonder no more, and watch this amazing parody.

The Walking Dead is currently enjoying a break between new episodes of the hit AMC zombie survival drama as filming for the program’s 7th season is underway. Not getting to see new episodes of the show is difficult, but it also helps give fans some free time to do other things.

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Thankfully, Bonecage on YouTube spent this time creating something fantastic. Those who fondly remember the hit Devo song “Whip It!” probably will get a major kick out of their take on the song, where the entire song is now about Rick Grimes, the things he has done up to this point, and some observations about his character.

Here is “Rick It! (Walking Dead / Whip It Parody)” from the Bonecage YouTube account:


There were several moments during this video that were just plain hilarious. Right off the bat, this song parody hit all the right notes. “Walker attacks. Kill it with an axe.” And just like Rick to that walker, Bonecage absolutely killed it.

With references to his relationship with Michonne, his weird Lori ghost sightings, his magnificent beard, and more, this song should have any fan of The Walking Dead or Rick Grimes entertained and maybe even tapping their toes with the catchy and familiar beat.

This awesome The Walking Dead version of Devo’s “Whip It!” isn’t the first fantastic song from Bonecage. They also have a song devoted to David Bowie in the movie Labyrinth, one about the dog from Fallout 4, and much, much more on their YouTube channel. However, if you like your songs about The Walking Dead, they also have one about Kenny from the hit Telltale video game series.

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If this is the kind of thing that happens when The Walking Dead is on break, I can deal with that. Things like “Rick It!” are a great way to ease the hardship of the long wait until season 7 of the AMC show returns. Huge thanks to Bonecage for making such a fun parody of one of the best shows on television.