Must Watch: ‘The Governor’ David Morrissey as Richard III

Must Watch: 'The Governor' David Morrissey as Richard III- Photo Credit: AMC
Must Watch: 'The Governor' David Morrissey as Richard III- Photo Credit: AMC /

“I am determined to prove a villain and hate the idle pleasures of these days” – The Govern-… Richard III

Now is the winter of our discontent folks! Check out this rare gem of our favorite Governor David Morrissey performing as Richard III. Morrissey is no stranger to Shakespeare material, previously playing Macbeth at the Everyman theater in England.

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The Governor has been keeping busy at the theater since leaving The Walking Dead, performing in black comedy play The Hangmen as retired executioner Harry Wade.

The Sydney Morning Herald recently gave Morrissey’s Hangmen a glowing 4 star review with the headline: “Director Martin McDonagh’s comedy is so black it unsettles the stomach.”

David Morrissey in The Hangmen Trailer

A film version of The Hangmen by National Theatre Live play is being shown in select cinemas. Check out this National Theatre Live link to see if there’s any current showings in your area.

Walking Dead: Governor Reflections

The Walking Dead has certainly been missing it’s favorite adversary for Rick Grimes. It seems like just yesterday The Governor was out ambushing prisons.

It was a special time for the show, one of its true high points where everything just came together from the narrative to the acting chemistry to even the musical score. Nobody will ever forget that Governor theme song known as the Pulse by Bear McCreary.

Here’s the one hour version just for fun, in case you wanna really capture that Governor mood:

While we got to witness a cameo two seasons ago in the Tyreese grand finale scene, the moment was gone too soon. Serving as a reminder of the missing main ingredient the show had putting it over the top. A major reason Walking Dead fans have clamored for Negan’s arrival for so long is the massive void left over from David Morrissey’s Governor exit.

No rival, not Terminus, not the Wolves, certainly not Pete have seemed worthy competitors to Rick ever since. As an actor Morrissey was Lincoln’s equal.

They both pushed each other to new heights, which is why all Walking Dead fans remember the final prison scene. The same reason they referred back to The Governor during Alexandria. He was the Joker to Rick’s Batman. His presence constantly beckoning the question in the show’s post apocalyptic times, what’s right and wrong in survival?

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As we watch David Morrissey’s brilliance on display again as Richard III, we remember just how important the man was to The Walking Dead’s formula. A true living legend.

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