The Walking Dead fans should check out Outcast on Cinemax

Robert Kirkman's Outcast - Cinemax
Robert Kirkman's Outcast - Cinemax /

Fans of The Walking Dead may not be familiar with Robert Kirkman’s other series Outcast, but they should definitely try out the Cinemax possession drama.

When it was announced that Robert Kirkman would have another comic book series adapted for television, many fans weren’t sure what to think. Kirkman has become very well known for creating The Walking Dead and helping to develop it into one o the most popular franchises in the world, but can he recreate that magic.

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Now, Kirkman try to accomplish just that with Outcast. While it isn’t a zombie drama like his previous success story, Cinemax’s new show will tackle possession and the forces of evil in ways that haven’t been seen on television.

Recently, talked with Robert Kirkman about the series which premiered on June 3, 2016 with an episode titled “A Darkness Surrounds Him” which was also shared on Cinemax’s social media sites a week early. Here is why Kirkman says you should tune into his new show if you enjoy The Walking Dead:

"“One thing that is similar is the fact that we’re exploring a specific genre in new ways the same way that TWD explored the zombie genre and did different things with it and became the zombie movie that never ends. This is going to be the exorcism story where they actually treat demonic possession like a solvable problem. They’re not going to do just one case and then go, ‘Welp, we’re gonna go home and hope this doesn’t happen again, but we’re never gonna do anything to actually try to prevent that.’ This is about the journey of trying to find out what is going on and how to prevent it.”"

While demonic possession isn’t the same kind of feel as zombies, the show definitely has that Kirkman touch. The creepiness of the opening sequence combined with the familiar way the opening credits are presented should make fans of The Walking Dead feel right at home with Outcast. But hopefully fans won’t get too comfortable, as the show is creepy and downright weird at points.

"“It’s a much creepier, much more foreboding dread that’s in this town that centers around this phenomenon that’s happening around them. But this is very much an unexpected show that goes into some places you’re not going to be able to anticipate.”"

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Outcast can be seen Friday Nights on Cinemax with the premiere episode still available on the channel’s YouTube account if you missed it. This series will be a great way to help fill the gap during the midseason break of Fear The Walking Dead and the long break between seasons of The Walking Dead. And for more information on the Cinemax show Outcast, head over to their official website.