Norman Reedus would love to be the new Ghost Rider

Norman Reedus talks Photography, Hershel's ponytail in fridge Photo Credit: AMC Networks / - Cass
Norman Reedus talks Photography, Hershel's ponytail in fridge Photo Credit: AMC Networks / - Cass /

Ghost Rider could be the next big comic book superhero franchise to make it big in Hollywood, and Norman Reedus would love take on that complicated role.

The love that Norman Reedus has for motorcycles could go far beyond his upcoming show Ride with Norman Reedus and his role as Daryl Dixon on AMC’s The Walking Dead. In fact, it could be something fans could “Marvel” at.

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According to an interview on, Reedus is very open to potentially being the new Ghost Rider if Marvel decides to reboot the series or include the character in the story of another franchise. This is a role that could be perfect for the former star of The Boondock Saints, as he could bring excitement back to the franchise.

In fact, Norman Reedus is very receptive to the idea, even seeming to light up at the idea of the role.

"“Hell yeah,” Reedus said. “It would be a blast. Do I get a skull face that’s on fire and all that stuff? F**k yeah. I’m down.”"

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In the past, there has been one other Hollywood movie based on Ghost Rider that starred Nicholas Cage, but it was a critic and box office bust. However, with today’s success stories involving superhero movies and a fresh take on the franchise with Norman Reedus in the lead, there is a possibility it could become a hit.

Ghost Rider is known for his flaming skull face and love for motorcycles, an that’s two things that are appealing to Reedus. In fact, when it comes to motorcycles, Reedus could be considered an expert who has bold impressions of bikes and those who ride them.

"“People think that someone who rides a motorcycle is a bad boy or a bad girl, but there are a lot of different cultures with different types of bikes. You have dirt bikers, café racer styles, Harleys, sport bikes – they’re all kind of connected in a way and it’s not just one type of person riding a motorcycle. You’ve got lawyers and dentists, people who are into the aesthetic of it, or Harley riders who are into the freedom. It’s all kind of different and yet they’re all sort of connected.”"

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Hopefully, the folks over at Marvel have heard Norman Reedus and are open to letting The Walking Dead star audition for a role as Ghost Rider if they decide to reboot the character. Seeing Reedus continue to take down the bad guys and right the wrongs in the world on the big screen could be a lot of fun, and one that fans of Daryl Dixon might really get a kick out of!