The Walking Dead: AMC taking full advantage of zombie drama


AMC hit the jackpot with the zombie survival drama The Walking Dead, and plan to use the hit television show to take full advantage of its popularity.

With the success of hit shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men, AMC established itself as one of the best television channels to offer unique dramas to viewers all around the world. However, they may have hit the jackpot when it comes to their decision to adapt a comic book series into a show.

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At the time, most channels wanted nothing to do with zombies. Popular companies like NBC and HBO took a look at The Walking Dead from Robert Kirkman and either wanted to make absurd changes or didn’t feel it was the right fit for their programming. That wasn’t the case for AMC, as they embraced the series.

Now, with 6 full seasons of The Walking Dead television show in the books, a popular spinoff series in the middle of its second season and a post-show discussing the episodes, AMC has positioned themselves for success.

AMC Networks CEO Josh Sapan is well aware of the opportunities that are available because of the success of Robert Kirkman’s zombie franchise and is constantly thinking of new ways to use that to the network’s advantage according to

"“We are not passive recipients of weather patterns coming from west to east. We plan to take massive advantage of The Walking Dead.“"

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Some bold moves have already been made when it comes to their strategies regarding The Walking Dead. They have used that time slot to either premiere or lead into new shows to introduce fans of the show to something new. This strategy has been used with many shows, including Into The Badlands, Better Call Saul, Preacher, and Fear The Walking Dead.

Some may see this power as a burden, which could make the network lose focus on other projects, but Sapan isn’t going to let the success of The Walking Dead close his blinders to other opportunities.

"“There tends to be a focus on how any one show is doing at any one time,” Sapan said. “Aren’t you going to be challenged? My answer is yes to a degree, but not profoundly.”"

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Fans can watch The Walking Dead when it returns from its long break between season this October. In the meantime, AMC offers many other alternatives, including Preacher, Fear The Walking Dead, Turn, and Ride With Norman Reedus. Check your local listings for time and availability.