Fear the Walking Dead: Could Colman Domingo break into the Emmy nominations?

Colman Domingo as Victor Strand, Fear The Walking Dead -- AMC
Colman Domingo as Victor Strand, Fear The Walking Dead -- AMC /

The Walking Dead has routinely been overlooked by awards shows, especially the Emmy, with the exception of things like make-up, stunts and special effects. Could Fear the Walking Dead change that?

This is the first year that Fear the Walking Dead will be eligible for awards along with The Walking Dead. Fans and critics alike have had very divided and mixed reactions to the companion series.

It’s extremely unlikely that the series itself will be nominated; however, Colman Domingo’s Victor Strand may have a chance in the supporting actor category. He could be the Marisa Tomei of the nominations. What do you think?

His mysterious Victor Strand had a gorgeous monologue introduction in the penultimate episode of the first season, redefining the word villain for the zombie apocalypse.

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He obligated our addicted Nick, seeing qualities in him of a survivor, and brought our group out to the coast to board Abigail, escaping the napalming of Los Angeles only to find new adventures and mysteries at sea and in Mexico.

Colman has a gravitas and a voice that make his Victor compelling. He has a posture and finesse that draw you in and make you want to love him, even when he’s mean. His Victor isn’t completely cold and he’s definitely not oily or evil. He’s not a Governor or a Gareth.

His character is complex and difficult to describe. There’s vulnerability and confidence. There’s pragmatism and flair. He is a charismatic introvert. And he’s funny. He has a deadpan, apocalyptic humor that I love.

He’s not Eugene funny. He’s Victor Strand funny. He’s “rules of the boat” funny. He’s “no value add” funny. He’s “I know you’re not running on my deck” funny.

When you talk to anyone about Fear the Walking Dead, the first character usually mentioned is Strand. Even the people who didn’t take to the show say they love Nick and Strand.

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Perhaps the Emmys think it’s too late to include Melissa McBride or Andrew Lincoln after they’ve neglected them for so long. But maybe they’ll decide to get in on Colman Domingo in the first seasons for a supporting actor nomination? Who knows?

We love our The Walking Dead Family, awards or no awards. But we can always root for our little Victor Strand!