The Walking Dead exclusives revealed for San Diego Comic Con

Wizard World Comic Con San Diego promotional artwork
Wizard World Comic Con San Diego promotional artwork /

Fans of The Walking Dead attending Comic Con International in San Diego are in for a big treat, as they will have access to one of the best exclusives ever offered to guests.

There is no bigger event in the world for those obsessed with pop culture and comic books than Comic Con International in San Diego. This is where many of the biggest announcements regarding movies, television, games and comics are made every single year in front of audiences of thousands.

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In the past, The Walking Dead has used Comic Con International in a major way. Most notably, a trailer for the upcoming season of the hit AMC zombie survival drama is typically shown and more information about casting as well as filming have been revealed. But there is more than just that fantastic news to look forward to, as there are also exclusives for those in attendance.

This year, the exclusive The Walking Dead item available at the event is a pair of action figures. Available in black-and-white and full color, the duo on display will be Negan from The Saviors and Glenn Rhee during the event, which will be held from July 21st through July 24th of 2016.

Here is the photo shared by Skybound along with the announcement on

Negan and Glenn Rhee - Comic Con International San Diego exclusives, Skybound
Negan and Glenn Rhee – Comic Con International San Diego exclusives, Skybound and /

Of course, fans of the comics know about the connection between Glenn and Negan, but those unfamiliar also know that Glenn is part of the lineup that Negan had at the end of season 6 of AMC’s The Walking Dead. While fans shouldn’t read too much into this, it is interesting that this set was chosen to be the exclusive.

Of course, this set won’t be cheap. The excellent package with interchangeable parts and weapons will set fans back $50, but that should be considered an investment for fans who like collect this merchandise. On the other hand, casual fans who just want to open them to play with the toys can know they have something rare, special, and unique in their possession.

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More information about what Skybound and The Walking Dead have in store for fans at Comic Con International in San Diego will become available when the event gets closer, but it is reassuring to see that Robert Kirkman’s team is hard at work to provide fans with something special for those in attendance.