The Walking Dead: Zombies and more at Monroe Comic Con


Monroe, Michigan will host many guests and events of interest to fans of The Walking Dead and zombies at their Comic Con on October 1st.

The one day Monroe Comic Con will host three featured walkers from The Walking Dead, Skip Bartlett, Katie Lumpkin, and Stephen Vining along with the actor who played Hilltop resident, Ethan, Justin Kucsulain, and the actor who plays Alexandria resident, Francine, Dahlia Legault.

You’ll remember Ethan as the Hilltop member who brought the message to Gregory from Negan about the short food delivery. His message was a knife in the stomach. Rick intervened. Ethan ended up dead and Rick stood bloody having made yet another interesting first impression, which included delivering the hilarious comic line, “What?”

Francine is a resident of Alexandria. She is still alive after Abraham rescued her at the construction site when the Alexandrians were planning to abandon her when the walkers invaded.

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All three of the walker actors have played multiple walkers on the show. Skip’s most memorable being “Dangle Chin” in Alexandria. Katie’s most memorable would likely be the kidnapped walker that Maggie found in the trunk. Stephen has had quite a few stand out walkers including the tree intestines walker who bit Carter, the Cherokee rose walker, one of the grossest water walkers and the bowling ball head napalm walker.

Francine-and-abraham-the-walking-dead-season-6 /

The convention will offer the opportunity to meet these actors and talk to them, take pictures with them, and, if you’d like, purchase AMC licensed, personally autographed prints of your favorite scenes. There will be a panel with the 5 guests from The Walking Dead , including a question and answer session, at 1 pm.

Of course, the con will have customary comic-con features, too: venders, artists, exhibitors, and cosplay. Check the website for all the guests and artists, etc, as well as for directions, and ticket information. Tickets are only $6 for the day.

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Zombie fans might be interested to know that there will be a zombie prom booth, created by SyFy Face Off’s Rob Miller, and Dead World Zombie Soda will be there with some nice looking zombies.

If you’re in the Detroit area, the Monroe Comic Con would be a great way to get ready for season 7 of The Walking Dead!  The Con is on Facebook and Twitter, too.

Update: Oscar’s Red Hat, one of our Twitter followers and a great fan artist will have a booth at the con! Check out his work on his Twitter!