The Walking Dead teams with Ultra PRO for tabletop accessories

The Walking Dead title - AMC
The Walking Dead title - AMC /

AMC has teamed up with Ultra PRO International to create a tabletop gaming accessories line for based on the hit zombie survival television drama.

Trading card collectors are likely very familiar with Ultra PRO’s line of products. They manufacture some of the industry standards in sports and non-sport protection, including card cases, sleeves, boxes and playmats.

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Now, Ultra PRO has a partnership with AMC to create those kind of products for a tabletop game accessory line based on their hit zombie survival drama The Walking Dead. The deal will allow the well-respected company to create cases, sleeves, boxes, and playmats for the upcoming game.

An article on PR Newswire’s website outlined the approximate dates and products that The Walking Dead‘s game accessory line will make available with products from Ultra PRO:

"“The first collection of Ultra PRO accessories is planned to launch to worldwide distribution with playmats, card sleeves and storage boxes, which will be available by September 2016. In addition, score keeping counters are planned to be available during the first quarter of 2017.”"

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Jay Kuo, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Ultra PRO is very excited about the partnership, which should be mutually beneficial as it brings together two companies and businesses at the top of their respective industries.

"“We’re excited to bring one of the most popular television series to our customers in the pop culture, geek and gaming market. Whether at local gaming events or at home with friends, gamers are constantly looking for fresh, new designs to represent what they love to obsess about. With six years of success as a critically acclaimed series, the last four of which as the number one show on television, it is clear that our customers are looking to add The Walking Dead to their collection of gaming accessories.”"

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Of course, fans of The Walking Dead could already be using Ultra PRO products without even knowing it. With several different trading cards based on the series and comic book as well as photos, it is likely that they are being kept safe by a case made by the collectible accessory giant already.