The Walking Dead getting toy weapons from Air Warriors

The Walking Dead toy from Air Warriors - Carl's Revolver
The Walking Dead toy from Air Warriors - Carl's Revolver /

Fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead who want to act out their favorite scenes from the zombie drama will have that opportunity with toy weapons from Air Warriors.

Air Warriors is one of the most popular brands of play weapons in the world. Their plastic and styrofoam weapons have become a staple of many kids and adults who love to use toys and their imagination. Now, these fans can enjoy weapons based on The Walking Dead.

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According to an article on, Air Warriors will unveil their toys at Comic Con International in San Diego, California beginning on July 21, 2016. These toys will cover a variety of characters and weapon styles, with a bit of something for everyone.

These quality toys will be based upon five different iconic weapons from the hit AMC zombie survival drama, each with their unique style. Here are the options which will be available:

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  • Michonne’s Katana
  • Abraham’s M16
  • Carl’s Revolver
  • Andrea’s Rifle
  • Rick’s Shotgun

It’s a good thing that Air Warriors didn’t make the decision to create Hershel’s shotgun, because it would be tough to create a toy with infinite ammo. Seriously though, the variety in toy weapons is fantastic and additional foam darts can be purchased separately for those who have a tendency to lose things.

These Air Warriors toys are another great addition to an already impressive list of exclusives at San Diego Comic Con International. There is already the dual action figure set with Negan and Glenn, Negan’s bat Lucille, and a hardcover variant version of Compendium #3. also notes that there will be “Zombie Strike Blasters” available from Nerf as well, but it just isn’t the same without the official licensing of The Walking Dead attached to the toys.

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San Diego Comic Con International should be a fantastic event for fans of The Walking Dead. With all the exclusives, the panels, and hopefully a new trailer and release date for the hit AMC show’s seventh season, fans should be paying close attention with the worldwide spectacle happens starting July 21, 2016.