Fear The Walking Dead season 2B: What’s next for Daniel?

Daniel Salazar - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC
Daniel Salazar - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC /

What is going on with Daniel Salazar during Fear The Walking Dead’s second season and what could be next for him when show returns from midseason break?

Fear The Walking Dead made some huge changes with many of its main characters during the zombie survival drama’s second season. Among those, was a big transition for Daniel Salazar, who had lost his wife Griselda during the first season of the show.

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When Daniel’s daughter caught him in a lie about his past, things got really awkward between the two. Meanwhile, his grieving caused him to hear voices and even see his deceased wife at times, similar to what happened to Rick Grimes back at the prison with his wife Lori on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Strangely, the bigger question here isn’t what is next for Daniel. It is about what his current status on the show is and what it could mean for the other survivors. At the end of the first half of season 2, Daniel used gasoline to burn walkers and was seen standing amidst the flames. This leads to three different situations:

Number one: Daniel burned to death.

This makes the most sense. Daniel’s story of redemption for his wife and ability to keep his daughter safe would be a fitting end to the character.  But if this is the case, fans won’t know until the show actually depicts his burned body. He also served a vital role on the series as being a cutthroat who would do anything for information or safety for those he loved. That role will need to be picked up by someone else if he is truly dead.

Number two: Daniel will be a walker.

Daniel’s body could be burned, but his mind may survive, making him a walker. Later on, fans could see him wandering around as a zombie with Nick or someone else noticing him. In fact, this could lead to an interesting situation, as Nick doesn’t see killing zombies as necessary and may see a former friend in the walker, leading to some interesting storylines.

Number three: Daniel walked out of the fire

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In the end moments of Daniel’s last scene, it appeared as though the flames were growing between his legs and were catching his pants. However, it is entirely possible that once the scene ended, the character could walk away from the flames relatively unharmed. But what then?

How would daniel escape the burning plantation full of walkers? Could he meet back up with his daughter or another group of survivors from the boat or plantation? And what would his state of mind be after what happened in the season 2 midseason finale?

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If Daniel is alive, he’ll likely take a while to meet back up with the rest of the survivors, but it is difficult to imagine a situation where he survives, escapes and meets up with everyone else. While coming back from deadly situations like this is unlikely, it isn’t impossible, as AMC’s The Walking Dead has proven in the past on multiple occasions and it could be used again on Fear The Walking Dead for Daniel.