Highlighting The Walking Dead’s Season 6 Walkers: The Herds

Season 6. The Walking Dead. AMC
Season 6. The Walking Dead. AMC /

Season 6 of The Walking Dead had herds and herds of walkers. Before we continue the series highlighting the walkers that stood out from the herd, let’s look at the herds.

The herds are impressive just because of their numbers. The walkers may all have some differences in their looks and their walks, but the idea of walkers is represented in the concept of a herd.

The walkers are basically the same. It doesn’t matter what they look like or who they were before. It doesn’t matter if they are male or female or old or young. They are all dangerous. They are all hungry. They can all kill with one bite.

In a herd they present a bigger threat simply because they are all around. It’s not as easy to escape. The odds are against you. But like the term implies, you can herd them as well. We see that at play in our big plan at the beginning of season 6.

The Walking Dead – AMC

Our first herd is at the quarry. Much of the first part of season 6 revolves around moving this herd away from Alexandria. Daryl and Abe and Sasha try to lead the herd away like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

The Wolves attack and a truck horn throws that plan into an improvised Plan B. We see half of that herd in the dumpster herd. That herd can’t be led anywhere though once Glenn and Nicholas are on top of the dumpster.

The herd becomes massive and invades Alexandria. This herd is impressive. It’s like a city of walkers rather than a herd. They are wandering the streets as if they are citizens of the town going to work and going shopping, not looking for flesh: a slow motion, drunk walk of decayed cave men wandering their dystopian Charles Dickens village.

That herd is the one that included the poor little one walker in his Jammies who scared poor Sam into paralysis and started the events of Alexandria’s last stand.

The Walking Dead does an amazing job with spectacular walkers that have distinctive looks that everyone remembers that really stand out. The extra gross. The decayed. The stuck to the tree. The poles through the stomachs. The skin peeling off. The badass kills.

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But it doesn’t forget that walkers are just walkers and their simple ordinary zombieness, their subtle shuffling walks, their leans and their human looks is what makes them extraordinary. And in numbers, in herds. They are just as badass.