Highlighting The Walking Dead’s Season 6 Walkers: Tight Squeeze Truck Walker


Season 6 of The Walking Dead featured herds of walkers, but there were some that stood out from the herd. Let’s look at some of these. Meet Tight Squeeze Truck Walker.

Season 6 of The Walking Dead started out with a huge herd in the quarry. We saw the herd in present day in color and in the past in black and white. The group had been attempting to work together to make a plan to lead this herd away from Alexandria.

This quarry was how Alexandria had managed to stay relatively safe and sheltered all this time behind the walls. The walkers were being drawn into the quarry and trapped there. But the more walkers the more noise the walkers themselves were making drawing even more walkers.

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Sounds good, but the rains were creating a situation where the semi trucks that were blocking the walkers and holding things tight at the quarry were going to give way soon allowing a huge party of hungry walkers put into the world.

The dry run, or dress rehearsal, as Heath called it, turned into an opening night when the trucks and the dirt decided to move ahead of schedule. The black and white Kansas farm of Auntie Em and Uncle Henry turned into full color Emerald City and Munchkin Land.

We had the cool grossness of a pale-chested, shirtless walker trying to squeeze his way through the opening between two trucks as his skin peeled off and he didn’t even notice. Walkers feel no pain as they are searching for their food. We’re the ones that experience the “ews” and “ohs” as he squished through.

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He was fabulous. He was so memorable he was chosen to be the figurine for the McFarlane Toys Limited Edition Blu-ray for Season 6 this year. Kevin Galbraith played this wonderful Greg Nicotero creation.