Fear The Walking Dead season 2B: What’s next for Alicia?

Alicia, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Alicia, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC /

Alicia has her mother by her side, but has lost everyone else she loves. What’s next for Alycia Debnam-Carey’s character on Fear The Walking Dead season 2?

Fear The Walking Dead is currently enjoying its midseason break while preparing for a big return for season 2 on on August 21, 2016. When these characters come back, they will have to deal with many situations that were left up in the air before the big break.

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One of the characters who may have to adjust the most is Alicia Clark. Her trusting nature has come back to bite her and the rest of the survivors in the butt and watching her get creeped out by Chris on a regular basis has become great television.

However, she’s not alone. Alicia still has her mother, Ofelia, and Victor Strand with her to help survive the zombie apocalypse. While none of those have proven to be strong fighters, Alicia has shown flashes of great zombie fighting skills in the past, and the team could rely on her to keep that up.

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For that to happen, Madison will have to loosen her grip on her daughter. It is understandable that a mother would want to keep her kids safe and sound, but losing her son because of her strict parenting should make her realize that she can’t do the same with Alicia.

The damage that Alicia has done may not be over yet though. There is a chance that Jack and the pirates from earlier in season 2 have been keeping an eye on her and the other survivors and are waiting to make their move. If that’s the case, the big group of survivors could be in much more trouble than those who set off on their own.

Alicia should be much smarter and stronger now. With her min clear and her mistakes in the past, she will likely grow into a strong, capable survivor who others in the group can depend on to make good decisions and watch their backs.

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You can see Alicia and the rest of the cast of Fear The Walking Dead when the hit zombie survival drama returns to AMC for the second half of season 2 on August 21, 2016. Hopefully, Alicia will become a more reliable character when the program comes back from their midseason break.