Fear the Walking Dead Season 2B: What’s Next and When?


Fear the Walking Dead returned for the second season in April for 7 episodes. What’s next and when will it return to finish season 2?

When we left our group after 7 episodes, they were no longer a group. They had separated and we don’t know what happened to a few members of the group. Not for certain at least.

They had arrived in Mexico after many difficulties and issues of trust along the way aboard Abigail after leaving the  burning city of Los Angeles.

Strand, Alicia, and Madison are in a truck driving away from the now burning ranch of Strand’s lover Thomas Abigail’s family. Nick has decided to stay behind. Travis and Chris are still there as well.

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Nick didn’t tell Madison that he found Travis and Travis decided to stay. Madison just knows she had to go and leave Travis and Chris behind at this point.

Daniel set the place on fire burning up his demons and possibly himself along with the evil he believed to be there in Celia and the dead she housed.

Fear the Walking Dead returns for 8 more episodes on August 21st on AMC. Adam has written a series taking a look at the characters from his perspective, looking at where they’ve been, what they’ve been through so far in the short time of this infection and what’s next on the horizon for them.

He looks at what they might need to do in order to help them survive in this environment.

Next: What's next for Travis and Chris?

He starts with father and son Chris and Travis. Then Nick, Strand, Daniel, Madison, Ofelia and finally, Alicia.

Let’s take a look at what’s next for the Fear the Walking Dead gang when August 21st comes around.