The Walking Dead: Season 7 walkers


Season 7 of The Walking Dead returns in October and we got our first look at some of the walkers from Greg Nicotero and the trailer at San Diego Comic-Con.

Walkers were not the focus of the trailer or Comic-Con art this year the way they were last year. Last year we had a herd in the quarry threatening Alexandria and walkers outside the walls in the premiere. This year, we have Negan and Lucille taking center stage.

But it’s still The Walking Dead. Just because Negan has decided to become the star of his own show, doesn’t mean that we’ve suddenly started living in a walkerless world. There will be walkers and they will be a threat.

Greg Nicotero brought a few photos with him to Comic-Con to show some of the tremendous artistry and interesting different walkers we may see coming up in season 7. The still photos are always magnificent to see because the detail is so astonishing when they are not moving and we can focus on the beauty of the walker and not the action and the story.

There were also quite a few walkers in the trailer. Tara and Heath were dealing with some interesting walkers that have some speculating about a certain group in the comics. Jesus was fighting walkers that seem to have infiltrated the safety of beautiful Hilltop. Walkers are still everywhere.

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We’re even finding out that some of our walker friends at Undead Walking have been secretly shuffling around and sitting in the make-up chair for season 7. Above is Alex Hill and the blister walker in Greg Nicotero’s photo is Stephen Vining.

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Hopefully, as season 7 gets closer, the kids are back in school, the leaves start changing colors, and we start wearing longer sleeves, Mr. Nicotero will start adding more photos of the season 7 walkers to his Instagram. Season 6 was really stellar with the variety and creativity in the walker department.

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It would be amazing if they could continue to add to the great herds and stand-out walkers for season 7. Of course, remembering that all walkers are special. They were just people and whatever has happened to them to turn makes them look interesting and extraordinary in their ordinary walkerness.