Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Finale Recap

Alejandro. NIck. Fear the Walking Dead. Season 2 Finale.
Alejandro. NIck. Fear the Walking Dead. Season 2 Finale. /

Fear the Walking Dead’s second season comes to a close with 2 episodes that served as a supersized finale tonight on AMC.

Ofelia fought some walkers as she made her way north. She eventually encounters an armed man at the border. Buenos dias, senorita. Welcome to America.

Madison tried to get Travis to see that he kept his promise to LIza. That the new world is different and that he belongs here. Alicia brought Travis some food and apologized to him for possibly pushing Chris further away. Travis tried to tell Alicia that Chris is sick and he didn’t see it. It was his turn to apologize for not protecting her.

Nick went to the mercado with a great plan to sell some Oxy, and keep them happy with a delivery on time every week.  but the mercado men have a new plan. They’ve become best friends now with one of their old enemies who control the remaining drugs in Tijuana.

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Now they have their sights set on a fortress. A place protected by the dead–La Colonia. They have a message for NIck to take back to their fortaleza. Get out tonight so the mercado residents can move in or they will be evicted forcibly.

Madison found Derek and Brandon at the hotel with the others. They said they had an accident and the driver didn’t make it. When Travis sees them he goes crazy. He locks himself in a room with them and beats them to death as he finds out that Chris flipped the car and was hurt badly so the boys did what they do with dead weight. They put him down.

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Luciana wants to stay and hold onto the Colonia because she feels it’s a family and a place where they will do better even after Alejandro admitted to Nick and Luciana that it was the addicted boy who bit him not and infected. Alejandro has been again by an infected and will die now. NIck decides to leave, but he sees a helicopter and comes back to talk to Alejandro.

He makes Alejandro see that his people and everything he worked for is lost if he keeps them there. If he tells them to leave and head north, he will save them. He won’t have to tell them about being bitten again and not being immune. He will die a beautiful death.

When Marco and the mercado gang show up, they are pleased that the Colonia has been abandoned. However, unbeknownst to them, Alejandro sneaks into the bus and moves it to expose the opening in the fence to allow the infected to roam freely.

Madison, Travis and Alicia leave the hotel because of Travis and Strand stays behind. They go to the mercado and find some clues about La Colonia. They get some information about where Nick may be and they show up to La Colonia after the mercado men have tried to escape, creating new infected.

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Alicia finds Alejandro in the bus close to death. Alejandro tells Madison that Nick has headed for the border before he takes his last breath.

Nick sees the helicopter again. He thinks it’s some sort of refugee camp about a 2 hour walk away, but then gunmen came out of nowhere, shoots Luciana and then seemed to focus on Luciana and NIck.

So we have not reunited anyone and we have lost a few and even separated a little more.